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FOOT Packing List



Recommended packing list for the Freshman Outdoor Orientation Trip:

  • Shorts (quick drying if possible)
  • T-shirts (breathable or quick drying are more comfortable)
  • Light jacket or long sleeve shirt
  • Pants
  • Undergarments
  • Socks (dry-fit or wool is optimal)
  • 1 pair of tennis shoes or closed toed hiking shoes (dry)*
  • 1 pair sandals, river shoes, or old tennis shoes (wet)(flip-flops not acceptable for daily activities)*
  • Hat (optional)
  • Headlamp or small flashlight*
  • Swimsuit/s*
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Sunglasses (optional)
  • Face mask (possibly needed during service project)*
  • Reusable water bottle(s) (2-1 liter bottles is best)*
  • Toiletries (there are showers at the campsite for daily use)
    • Soap
    • Shampoo
    • Deodorant
    • Tooth brush/paste
    • Glasses/Contacts (if necessary, may want to bring extra pair as well)
    • Medicine (headache, anti-histamine, prescriptions*)
  • Towel
  • Sleeping Bag and/or Sheet (summer camping can be warm, so a cool sheet is nice on top of your sleeping bag)*
  • Sleeping Pad (optional)
  • Pillow (optional)
  • PB&J: Pen, Bible, Journal*
  • Backpack for carrying things throughout the day like water bottle, lunch, PBJ, etc.
  • Hammock (optional)

In addition to tents, food, cooking gear and tubing equipment, we can provide a sleeping bag, sleeping pad and hammock if needed. We will contact students a few weeks prior to the trip to find out who needs this equipment. If you have any questions regarding equipment needs, please contact the Recreational Life Department at reclife@obu.edu.

Note: The above are recommendations. In the world of camping, reusing the same shirt for a few days/weeks is always an option :) Items made out of synthetics (Under Armour, Capilene, nylon, etc.) will dry faster when wet so these are great for getting wet.


The items marked * are one’s that you should not ignore because it could greatly impact your comfort, health, or ability to participate.

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