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FOOT Leader Application

Application Process

  • Applications will be taken until April 18, 2021, at midnight.
  • RecLife staff will make decisions and let all applicants know the following week.
  • There will be a leader training event Sunday, April 25, 8-9:30 p.m. It is highly recommended that you attend this event.

Qualifications for being a FOOT leader

  • Have a growing relationship with Christ.
  • Passionate about helping people feel included and introducing them to the community at Ouachita.
  • Loves spending time outside and experiencing God and community in creation.
  • FOOT will happen August 8-12, 2021. Leaders must arrive the morning of April 7 and stay until the evening of April 12.

Duties of a FOOT leader

  • Model the attitude and character of a responsible follower of Christ at Ouachita.
  • Lead a small group of 8-12 Freshman students. These groups will discuss the topics from the days lesson, what it is like to be an OBU student, and much more.
  • Interact with Freshman students, making everyone feel welcome and loved.
  • Assist with the setting up of camp, leading games, etc.
  • Join in the daily outdoor activities with the Freshman students.


Have you attended FOOT as a participant?
Have you attended FOOT as a leader?
Please be specific. For example, "Allergic to peanuts" is not enough information. What type of contact causes allergic reaction? What is the reaction that happens? Has this happened before?
List preexisting medical conditions and other information that could affect participation in activities relating to Outdoor Recreation Activities: (examples: allergies to plants or insects, other reactions, medical conditions).
Rental Gear

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