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Equipment Rentals

Rental Center

Outfitting your next outdoor event is our goal. We are here to help with your weekday, weekend, or extended outdoor adventure. Equipment can be rented and dropped off at the CRAG in SPEC (see map below).

The goal of the OBU RecLife Rental Program is to offer quality gear at an affordable rental price. This gives our community the opportunity to get outside without the expense of purchasing gear. We recommend renting gear because it allows community members the opportunity to determine if they like an activity before investing in the purchase of gear. It also allows community members the opportunity to try different types of gear before purchasing.

Hours of operation: Monday-Thursday 4-8 p.m.

Due to the limited hours for pickup and dropoff we offer a deal on weekend rentals. Rent over the weekend from Thursday to Monday and we will only charge you for the time you are using the equipment.

Rentals are on a first come, first serve basis.

Payment can be made with cash, check or credit card.

Rental Equipment and Price per Day

Equipment Price per day
Backpack $2
4-Person Tent $3
6-Person Tent $4
Hammock $1
Hammock Tarp $1
Hammock Bug Net $1
Sleeping Bag $2
Chair/Sleeping Pad $1
2-Burner Stove + Fuel $2
Backpacking Stove + Fuel $2
Solo Stove Set (Any size) $2
Cooking Pot Set $1
Ice Chest $1
Water Filter $2
Lantern $1
Headlamp $1
Mountain Bike + Helmet $3
KanJam $1
Spikeball $1
Bocce $1
Climbing Shoes $2
Chalk Bag $1
Tandem Canoe* $10
Solo Sit on Top Kayak* $5
Stand Up Paddleboard* $5
Portable Beach Volleyball $5
Disc Golf Discs** Free with student ID

Rental Policy

To make them more available, the Disc Golf Discs can also be rented from the RecLife office on the Evan's Bridge when it is open. Canoes, kayaks, SUPs are by appointment only.

Call 870-245-5268 or email seatons@obu.edu to schedule a rental. You must contact us 48 hours before your rental to ensure we are available. We have straps and pads to help strap these to most vehicles.

  1. Rental services are offered to university students, faculty, and staff.
  2. No reservations can be made. Rentals are on a first come, first served basis.
  3. Payment must be made when equipment is picked up. Payment can be made with cash, check, or credit card.
  4. Rentals, with the exception of water sports equipment, can only be picked up and returned during rental shop operating hours. For rental of canoes, kayaks, and SUPs you must contact the Reclife Director or Assistant Director to set up a pickup time.  Without 48 hours advance notice it cannot be guaranteed that the request will be granted.
  5. If equipment is not returned on time late fees equal to the price per day of each item must be paid upon return of the equipment.
  6. Renters may be charged a fee or penalty for lost, damaged or excessively dirty equipment.
  7. The Renter must be aware that outdoor recreation can be dangerous, that extreme care should be exercised, and that the use of this equipment is in no way part of an OBU RecLife sponsored program.
  8. Please respect our gear. We invest in quality gear to enhance your outdoor experience.

Climbing Center Location Map

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