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The entangling trap of fear

August 02, 2018 - Madison Burch

“Did we get everything?,” my father asked. With soft tears in my eyes, I said, “Yes, I think it’s time to go.”

I remember move-in day like it was yesterday. I’m the oldest of three kids, and I’ve always been close to my family. Living in Louisiana, I felt that I would be so distant from my family when I left for Ouachita – so distant from what I always knew as home. I remember driving my loaded car to Arkadelphia, feeling like I was a kid with no serious responsibility for the last time. I was leaving everything I knew. I was going to a college where I barely knew anyone. My life was about to drastically change; I could feel the change coming. And quite frankly, I was a little scared.

But I had high expectations. I knew God had called me to attend Ouachita – and this year, I have truly seen growth from acting in obedience to where He led me. Attending Ouachita has been a huge blessing. I was completely fascinated with my classes; I learned so much every single day. My professors immediately remembered my name, and I saw how each of them cared for their students in a genuine way. The people at Ouachita are intentional about nurturing relationships.

My biggest challenge coming into college was fear. I was excited, but I was also fearful: fearful of the future, fearful of missing opportunities, fearful of not finding my place. One of the most important lessons I have learned this year is that fear is a liar. I overcame these challenges and these lies with the truth. My God gives me complete comfort and peace through His presence and His word.

The Lord strategically placed people in my life this year who helped me grow in faith, who helped me learn truth from His word and who discipled me with complete joy. I will forever be thankful for these people at Ouachita who truly love God and have taught me how to have faith, how to be disciplined and how to radically live for Jesus. Ouachita, you have already had a great impact on my life.

My God speaks truth. Fear is a liar.

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. – 1 John 4:18a

Madison BurchBy Madison Burch, a sophomore Christian studies major from Benton, La.