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Pandemic Profiles: Randall Quillin, Building Services Supervisor

October 27, 2020

Remember at the onset of COVID-19 in the U.S. when toilet paper was impossible to find and hand sanitizer was out of stock? Imagine the demand for those supplies on a college campus, specifically at Ouachita. Thanks to the work of Randall Quillin, building services supervisor in Ouachita’s Office of Facilities Management, and his building services team, Ouachita was able secure needed supplies to return to on-campus classes.


Cornerstone Fund Stories: Caroline Derby

October 15, 2020

For Caroline Derby, who first wore purple and gold at Ouachita football games as an infant, choosing to attend Ouachita was the natural choice. Growing up close enough to campus to ride her scooter on its sidewalks and being present at countless football games and Tiger Tunes performances, Caroline built a special connection with the community of faculty, staff and students long before she stepped on campus as a student.


Cornerstone Fund Stories: Gregory Bryant

October 08, 2020

Like many Ouachita students, Gregory Bryant quickly found himself involved in the campus’ bustling social life. Competing in intramural sports, joining Beta Beta men’s social club and winning second in Tiger Tunes have been a few highlights of his college career so far. But before committing to attend Ouachita, Gregory had questioned if Ouachita was even an option.


Cornerstone Fund Stories: Jenna Biggers

October 01, 2020

After hearing heartfelt stories from her family members about a small university in Arkadelphia, Jenna Biggers began attending Ouachita campus events like Tiger Tunes and Battle of the Ravine as a middle school student and fell in love with the community.


Convocation Chapel 2020: Reasoned engagement with the world

August 26, 2020

By the end of this academic year, and certainly by the time students graduate, Ouachita intends to prepare them to be better – to be more skilled – in their reasoned engagement with the world. Dr. Sells addressed, "What is reasoned engagement with the world?" in Convocation Chapel on August 25.


Rethinking student life: Virtual ideas to keep it social

August 21, 2020

If you think you’ve already done everything you could possibly do for fun using technology, here are a few suggestions you might not have tried yet.


A survey of Ouachita faculty and staff's watch lists: TV shows and more

August 04, 2020

While you probably have exhausted Netflix and other streaming services during quarantine, there might be a few movies and shows you still have left to check out! We asked Ouachita’s faculty and staff to share a few of their favorites.


Nursing students are first to advance in dual enrollment program

July 14, 2020

This fall, 15 Ouachita students are the first to move into the dual enrollment portion of our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and will be studying at Baptist Health College Little Rock. The recent partnership between our institutions addresses the shortage of nurses in the state of Arkansas.


Facing this moment in history: Why your response matters

July 07, 2020

My – and perhaps your – experience with the pandemic has been fairly positive so far. But this has not been the case for everyone. Whether you are wanting to maximize this time or struggling with your experiences, I humbly offer the following words of encouragement and challenge.


What does the Bible say about race?

June 23, 2020

Any serious biblical study of race or ethnicity should start in Genesis 1. The Bible does not start off with the creation of a special or privileged race of people. When the first human being is created he is simply called Adam, which is Hebrew for “humankind.”


Time-out: Sports media students score Zoom interviews with industry pros during global pause of athletics events

October 20, 2020

What do you do in Sports Journalism class when sports are cancelled, and what do you do in Broadcast Performance class when your students aren’t able to get into the studio or work with the equipment on campus? Thankfully, there was another group of people who were asking themselves the same questions – the professionals.


Beyond Spanish and Tacos: La Fuerza celebrates Hispanic culture and combats stereotypes

October 12, 2020

On Tuesday, Sept. 15, Hispanic Heritage Month began its national holiday that will last until Thursday, Oct. 15. Through events planned and hosted by La Fuerza, Ouachita's Latinx multicultural organization, Ouachita students, faculty and staff have had the opportunity to embrace Hispanic culture and the traditions that have shaped the lives of students like Reyna Cabrera.


Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

October 01, 2020

Join the Riley-Hickingbotham Library and La Fuerza, Ouachita's Latinx multicultural organization, in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month through Oct. 15 as we recognize and honor the contributions of Hispanic Americans.


Raising scientists: Patterson School students benefit from undergraduate research

August 31, 2020

Research is a defining aspect of a science education, and Ouachita Baptist University’s J.D. Patterson School of Natural Sciences encourages its students to gain research experience at the undergraduate level in a variety of ways. Looking back on my own research experiences, I have great appreciation for the opportunities I had through the Patterson School.


20 COVID-friendly activities to try this semester

August 21, 2020

Now that you’re back on campus, it may be tough to reimagine your go-to activities and hanging out with your friends physically-distanced. So, let’s start fresh and change our perspective! Here are some activities and hobbies that you may have never done while a Ouachita student.


87 things to do in the Diamond Lakes Region

August 20, 2020

The following information and activities are suggested for the Diamond Lakes Region (Arkadelphia, Malvern, Hot Springs, Glenwood, Murfreesboro). There is way more to do than you knew! As many of these were suggested before COVID-19, research online or call ahead before you leave home.


Crafting a kinder society: Getting started with social justice studies

July 22, 2020

This summer, millions of Americans and people from dozens of countries posted to social media, marched, and signed petitions against systematic racism. From the vantage point of a historian of social change, this is staggering.


Introducing Patterson School of Natural Sciences Blogger Savannah Stacks

July 09, 2020

My name is Savannah Stacks, and I am a recent honors graduate of Ouachita Baptist University. I spent my three years of college immersed in the Patterson School of Natural Sciences, where I was not only given the best biology education but also cherished memories and relationships.


"Hamilton" reminds us who we are and what challenges remain

July 01, 2020

"History has its eyes on you." – These potent words, among many others, took the Broadway musical world and the nation by storm in 2015, when creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda dropped "Hamilton" on an unsuspecting public.


Grasping a unique opportunity: Ouachita honor students Zoom with "The Good Place" actress D'Arcy Carden

June 09, 2020

The ending of this spring semester was anything but a typical Ouachita finals week. Instead of studying with friends and late night cinnamon rolls in the caf, students were preparing for tests from their childhood bedrooms and chatting with classmates over Zoom.


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