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Guys at Ouachita: “I’m just rushing for the food”

Men at Ouachita's Rush WeekJanuary 10, 2019 - Gracie Stover

Rush Week is coming up at Ouachita. Welcome to the great gender divide! Often, the women on campus are busy planning outfits and garnering recommendation letters while the men are much more relaxed and just excited to try a free smoothie.

But, guys, let’s get real – beyond the expectation of free food, you may be wondering, What’s in it for me? Are those blazers worth the time and commitment? Only you can answer these questions, but here are a few benefits to consider:

Networking. Becoming friends with guys from different graduating classes, majors and areas of involvement on campus can diversify your friendship circle and stretch you personally. Connections that you make within the club, with both members and alumni, could also help you build connections for job opportunities after graduation.

Tradition. Most clubs have traditions and events that have become part of the club’s history and overall identity. You will forever be a part of a strong legacy and share experiences with guys older and younger than yourself. Being in a club also offers its own unique Ouachita experience, through activities but also leadership opportunities.

Brotherhood. For many Ouachita students, pledging a club is the beginning of life-long friendships. You may not know everyone in the club when you rush and pledge, but it won’t be long before you start building relationships with your brothers. Bonding during Induction Week, attending weekly club meetings, competing together in Tiger Tunes and hosting fun events for other Ouachita students are just a few of the ways you will quickly get to know the guys in your club.

So, if you find that joining a social club is for you after all, here are three tips from Zach Street, Student Senate president and a senior member of Beta Beta, that will realistically get you through the week:

Be present. Being open-minded and outgoing are good things. Talk to club members – but also to other guys who are rushing – to show that you respect them and want to learn more about them. It not only helps you make a decision about which club you want to join but also who you want to be pledging with.

Be confident. Get out of your comfort zone. A good, firm handshake is a big deal because it makes an impression. A club often looks for a potential member who has enthusiasm and a desire to get to know others.

Don’t overthink. Go in and be yourself. There will be plenty of times when you have the chance to talk or just listen, so try not to worry about talking too much or not enough. You can always ask questions about the club, but sometimes everyday conversations just to get to know other guys may be the best way to know if that club is a good fit for you – and if you’re a good fit for them.

So, guys, come for the food – stay for everything else!


Gracie StoverBy Gracie Stover, a junior communications & media/multimedia journalism major from Little Rock, Ark.