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Need a break? 8 spontaneous things you should do this spring

Students hammockingMarch 20, 2019 - Phoebe Huff

During the spring semester I always get a restless feeling. It never fails: the days are longer, and I am ready for summer because it feels like my days are filled with classes, work and the occasionally stressful extracurricular activity. I often find it very difficult to just relax.

But trust me – and this is coming from a very objective source – Ouachita in the spring is the best! It is packed with beautiful blooming flowers, great weather and everyone working on fun summer or graduation plans. People are hanging around outside to talk or play games, or they’re driving out to Lake DeGray. It’s a great time for socializing or for finding a little peace and quiet on your own.

So, when you are feeling stressed or can’t study for that neuroscience exam anymore, be spontaneous and just hang out! Apart from hammocking on the lawn, here is my short list of things to do:

  1. Hike to the bluff. Fun fact: the biology department built stairs up to the bluff. You can access it from behind the soccer and intramural fields. It is a short but fun hike! Or go the easy way up the paved DeSoto Bluff Trail, accessed from Highway 10 near Pizza Hut.
  2. Look at some art. Moses-Provine Hall and Mabee Fine Arts Center both house art galleries that feature student, faculty and guest artwork. Exhibits are always changing and full of beautiful and unique pieces. You can also get your arts engagement credit if you attend a reception!
  3. Find somewhere on campus you have never been. While Ouachita is small, there are certainly places you have never seen. I have been here for three years and just went to the top floor of the Harvey Jones Science center. Who knows? Maybe you will find an amazing new study place.
  4. Write your pals a little note. The INFO portal has a student directory where you can search for your friends’ mail box numbers. We all love mail! Notes don’t have to be anything masterful, just something simple, sweet or even funny. Last year, one of my friends and I would just send each other pictures of geese, and I couldn’t even remember the inside joke!
  5. Carry a deck of cards in your backpack. This is something I started doing in high school and still do today. I don’t use them that often, but it is always fun to play with people if you’re all looking for something to do.
  6. Adopt a puppy for the day. The weather is getting so nice, and why would you want to stay inside? Swing by the Humane Society (on Walnut Street near the train station) and hang out with some puppies. Grab a few friends and bring a doggo to campus. It helps the dogs feel loved, it is so much fun and provides some Instagram-worthy pics.
  7. Create a new playlist. Sit down and make a playlist that is perfect for riding with the windows rolled down. If you have the time, create a soundtrack for this season in your life. I love collaborative playlists so it can have all of my and my pals’ favorite spring jams.
  8. Spread Easter cheer. Okay, this is my personal favorite. While it may require some planning, there is no better way to brighten someone’s day than giving them an Easter egg or “hiding” one for them in close proximity.

Do not wish this time away! Summer will be here soon enough. Take time to enjoy these people and this place. And be sure to make some memories with the weeks we have left!


Phoebe HuffBy Phoebe Huff, a junior mass communications major from Jonesboro, Ark.





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