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5 tips to get ahead if you plan to study two (or three!) college majors

Students studyingApril 01, 2021 - Jessica Daniell

If you are scanning the multiple academic schools and academic programs offered at Ouachita, you are likely to come across several that may pique your interest. You probably have several passions and talents already, so declaring one major over another may be a difficult challenge.

Thankfully, having two majors – and sometimes even three – is an option! Graduating with a double major may help you stand out among your peers and future job applicants, allow you to explore your other interests or give you unique perspectives through your combined studies. Contrary to popular belief, a double major is not impossible! As a triple major myself, here are my best tips for completing multiple majors at Ouachita.

  1. The more credits, the better! Some credits you earned in high school may be able to count for required Ouachita courses! If you were enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) classes, concurrent or dual enrollment classes, check to see if your credits will be counted on your Ouachita transcript. (Note: More information for credits at Ouachita can be found here.)
  2. Choose two majors that complement each other well. It will be most helpful if the two areas of study can intersect and enhance each of your studies. Perhaps some of your classes will overlap and may count toward both of your majors! Be sure to review the degree summary sheets to see exactly which classes you must take to complete the major. Degree summary sheets for each major can be found here.
  3. Test out multiple degree plans. The best way to see whether you can graduate with multiple majors is to create a degree plan! In your student INFO Portal, look for “Degree Plan” under the Academic tab. Then, select “Build New Degree Plan.” You can test out each of your options and plan which semesters you would be able to take each of your classes. Play around with this tool and learn how to navigate its features. The earlier you begin planning your degree plan, the better.
  4. Consider taking Summer, Winter and May Term classes. If you find that your degree plan cannot fit all of your course requirements to complete two majors in the standard four years, consider taking an online class over the break! Ouachita offers certain courses that you can take online outside of the regular semesters. These courses are designed to be completed in shorter terms, so they are a bit more fast-paced. (The May term, for example, is only three weeks.) But these are a great option to fit in extra courses between semesters to fast-track your degree.
  5. Communicate with your advisor. Always be sure to let your academic advisor know your ideas! They want to help you fulfill your interests and passions. Familiarize yourself with your advisor and keep regular communication with them. They will be able to advocate on your behalf if any schedule conflicts or degree issues arise.

Completing two majors may pack more work into each of your semesters, but it is not impossible. Remember, planning early is the key!

Editor's note: The dual enrolled program with BHCLR was discontinued in March 2023.


Jessica DaniellBy Jessica Daniell, a senior communications & media/strategic communications, communications studies and community & family services double major from Benton, Ark.






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