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What Ouachita women’s soccer has given me

Meagan North on the fieldApril 21, 2021 - Meagan North

Ouachita has given me so much, but my favorite thing it has given me is soccer. As a little girl, I dreamt of playing college sports. I saw pictures of college-age soccer players and how athletic and intimidating they looked, and I really wanted to be that. Ouachita gave me that opportunity.

Coming in as a freshman I was terrified – a whole new team of girls that I did not know, a different state and a much faster-paced speed of play. But I was excited and ready to play. I was lucky enough to have a starting spot, and I got a lot of good minutes every season.

College soccer really becomes your job: if I wasn’t at school, I was on the field. This is definitely not for the faint of heart. Nothing has changed since then, and I have absolutely loved every minute of it.

Ouachita soccer has also given me some of my closest friends, many of whom are bridesmaids in my upcoming wedding. These are the girls who will be aunts to my future children; some of the most empathetic, hard-working, inspiring girls I have ever met.

I also happened to meet Colten, my fiancé, on that very field. Colten and I have the same first love, soccer, and maybe that’s what drew us together in the beginning. Then a little over two years later, on that beautiful green field, he asked me to be his wife (the easiest “yes” of my life). This is my favorite thing soccer has given me.

Ouachita has been the best four years, and playing soccer made it that much better. Having the opportunity to play, making friends and meeting my husband are stories that my children will hear in the future.

Ouachita offers so many different and amazing chances that I hope student athletes will take advantage of. This school really takes care of and nurtures its students; this is so important when playing a sport. The Lord is working throughout Ouachita, and He has used so many people here to touch and inspire me. I am so unbelievably blessed to be at Ouachita and to have so many awesome experiences.


Meagan NorthBy Meagan North, a senior communications & media/strategic communications major from Fort Worth, Texas. Playing as a center midfielder for Ouachita women’s soccer since 2017, North is a consistent starter and was named to the Second Team All-Great American Conference in 2018 and the All-Tournament Team in 2021. In April 2021, the Ouachita women's soccer team won the Great American Conference (GAC) Tournament championship title. 





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