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From the "Ouachitonian": Colin McWhorter

Collin McWhorterJuly 12, 2021 - Ben Swanger
Collin McWhorterPreviously published in the 2020 Ouachitonian yearbook

Colin McWhorter, a business major from Rogers, Ark., is a sophomore baseball player, but roaming the outfield and hitting a baseball is not all he’s passionate about. On December 24, McWhorter’s grandfather Jim McWhorter passed away. The family was searching for someone to administer the funeral, and Colin stepped up.

In October McWhorter began his ordination process. He was motivated to be ordained by his grandmother Brenda Neal and she pushed him toward the finish line.

“My grandmother Brenda has been ordained for as long as I can remember,” McWhorter said. “She inspired me to pursue the process of ordination and eventually pushed me to attain my ordination.”

In the first week of November, McWhorter officially became an ordained minister.

“I got ordained so I could administer my grandfather’s funeral,” Colin said. “He meant a lot to me and being able to be there with my family on that day and stand in front of them administering the funeral meant a great deal.”

McWhorter continued, “I learned a lot about what it means to be an ordained minister and how I should carry myself now that I am ordained. It was a strenuous process, but it was not anything that I couldn’t overcome. I had to go through classes and even attain a license to be officially ordained. Despite all the things involved with ordination it was all worth it knowing the good I will be doing with my license.”

As much as McWhorter loves his grandfather and enjoyed administering his grandfather’s funeral, he also wants to be a part of happier days.

“I eventually want to officiate weddings,” McWhorter said. “I want to use my ordination to marry off my family and friends. Serving people at funerals is important, especially for those who cannot handle the deed themselves, but I am especially looking forward to my first wedding. There is just something about a wedding day that is special.”

McWhorter feels that there is no better way to start off his life of ordained duties than to celebrate his grandfather Jim McWhorter’s life. Colin plans on continuing a legacy of love that his grandpa passed down from generation to generation. McWhorter plans on passing that same legacy of love down to those family members young and yet to come.

“When thinking of my family’s impact on me and how they have motivated me to become the man I am today, I am reminded of what Jackie Robinson said, ‘A life is not as important as the impact it has on other lives,’” McWhorter said.

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