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From the "Ouachitonian": Katelyn Franzke

Katelyn FranzkeApril 12, 2021 - Houston Kirkpatrick

Previously published in the 2020 Ouachitonian yearbook

Freshman graphic design major Katelyn Franzke had the opportunity to paint the distinguished Cone-Bottoms Hall for former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Franzke had no idea that a post on Instagram would lead to her making a painting for Sanders.

Franzke did art for her whole life, but never took it seriously until college. She did not think that she could make her art into a business.

“My parents would tell me to start a business with selling my art, but I never thought that I would be good enough,” said Franzke.

Franzke said that she has been able to grow in her art through switching to a graphic design major. She said that she didn’t take many art classes before college and has already seen an impact on her art since taking graphic design classes at Ouachita.

“This semester has been able to grow me in my art skills and Ouachita gave me a great opportunity and honor to create a painting for someone as influential as Sarah Huckabee Sanders,” said Franzke.

Franzke never imagined that starting an Instagram to sell her art would lead to something as significant as the opportunity to paint Cone-Bottoms for Sanders.

“At first I did not see it for the big deal that it was. The more I learned about Sarah Sanders the more I realized how it was such a cool opportunity to do something for Sarah that I love to do,” said Franzke

The painting took most of Franzke’s Saturday and she went home for the weekend to make sure that she had all of art supplies to complete the painting.

“I wanted to get off campus and be alone to work on the painting. It took most of my Saturday,” said Franzke.

The Cone-Bottoms Hall painting was a 5x8 inch size. Franzke said that she is most comfortable with doing smaller paintings and that it is easier to create more meaning.

“I like doing smaller pieces of art because you have more freedom to give the art more detail and make it more unique,” said Franzke.

“As an artist, I want to create images that mean something to people. I love that I got to do that for Sarah because I know that it meant a lot to her. I want to create memories for people in a unique way,” said Franzke.

Photo by Danielle Sourber



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