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From the "Ouachitonian": Luke Hill

Luke HillMay 31, 2021 - Emily Barton

Previously published in the 2020 Ouachitonian yearbook

Luke Hill, a junior biology major with chemistry, military science and a math triple minor is from Sheridan, Ark. Hill spent his summer doing research at UAMS and ROTC training.

Hill made a big transition when he decided to not play football anymore. He always loved the sport and cherished the time he had with his team. He looked back on his time fondly and enjoyed sharing the special moment of getting a GAC ring with his teammates.

“They will always be my friends, and I will miss it,” said Hill.

“I was a walk on, and Coach Knight and Coach Dean always uplifted and encouraged the players. They would pray before and after about any needs a player had. They were very good men to look up to and have in my life. I will always be thankful for that,” said Hill.

Hill was in ROTC and National Guard. He spent two weeks over the summer and one week every month performing drills. Hill took part in different tactics that demonstrated typical solider activity, including drills with the infantry unit. Although Hill plans on being a doctor in the guard, he valued and appreciated experiencing this side as well.

Hill hopes to be a primary care or emergency medicine doctor to help people where the need is great. He went to basic training camp, where the drill sergeants created a very memorable experience. 

When talking about ROTC and football, Hill said, “I wouldn’t want to leave either. I love them both.” Hill has applied many life lessons he learned from both experiences and continues to carry his passion and admiration for both.

Photo by Hannah Smith

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