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From the "Ouachitonian": Mallory Wallace

Mallory WallaceJune 28, 2021 - Emily Barton

Previously published in the 2020 Ouachitonian yearbook

The idea came in seventh grade when Mallory Wallace, a sophomore Biblical studies and strategic communications double major from Longview, Texas, was inspired by the ice cream truck circulating the neighborhood. What started as money for trips to the movies with friends became a way Wallace could pay for college.

“I know this is where the Lord wants me to go. I know exactly what I want to do here, but I can’t afford it,” said Wallace.

From novelty ice cream, popcorn, nachos, cotton candy, and lemonade “Sweets, Treats and More” is her family’s food truck that provides a wide variety of menu items.

Working in food trucks is a bit of a tradition for Wallace’s family. She inherited the passion from her father who had 15 years of experience.

Wallace focuses her time and energy on events and local festivals.

“I would take it out to birthday parties, car dealerships, mechanic shops, and set up at different businesses,” said Wallace.

However, the occasional stroll through local neighborhoods is a great way to earn money on a Sunday afternoon. This was her favorite time of the week with the food truck. Wallace worked all summer in the truck, sometimes 12 to 14-hour days, but to her, it was all worth it.

“It’s part of who I am; it’s taught me great work ethic,” said Wallace. “It’s prepared me for other jobs and I can work well under pressure.”

Working in her food truck has given Wallace more than good experience and life skills. It has provided her the means to attend Ouachita.

“I actually wouldn’t be here without it,” said Wallace.

Wallace goes home on any weekend she can and recently got to bring a friend home to work with her, having both of her worlds come together for the first time. Her plan is to continue working in the ice cream truck to hopefully pay for her and her brother’s undergraduate schooling.

What started as a seventh grade dream for Wallace ended in a reality of being a Ouachitonian for life.

Photo by Hannah Smith

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