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From the “Ouachitonian”: Mitchell Waite & Logan Daust

Mitchell and LoganJune 14, 2021 - Anna Roussel

Previously published in the 2020 Ouachitonian yearbook

What started as just an idea in the minds of sophomores Mitchell Waite and Logan Daust soon turned into the campus-wide sensation known as Caf Reviews. Daust had seen a similar pizza review segment on the Barstool Instagram accounts, and the two decided to post a parody on Waite’s Instagram story.

“We thought we would do it every once in a while and it would be a funny thing,” said Waite. “Then some one messaged me and said we should make an account out of it, so we decided to go for it.”

The account started to gain popularity through word of mouth as well as some promotion on Waite and Daust’s personal accounts. Waite also encouraged his WOW kids to follow the account. As the followers kept growing, the boys decided to add some new features.

“We’ve kept the account pretty much the same,” Daust explained. “Halfway through last year we started incorporating guests, but it’s always been one bite and then the score.”

Both have had fun being able to meet new people and seeing that people have fun with the account and appreciate what they do. Aſter reviews were over, they got to sit and have a meal with whoever the guest was and get to know them as a person.

“My favorite part is having people say they check the videos before they eat,” said Waite. “It’s always funny to hear when we skip a review because we’re busy that they’re disappointed we didn’t post.”

Even though they never intended for their food reviewing skills to branch out from social media, their diligence in reviewing cafeteria meals led to a chance to directly impact the meals we had at Ouachita.

“I was pulled out of the caf and the head of Sodexo wanted to talk to me,” explained Daust. “He said recently they had noticed our reviews and watched all of them, and they appreciated what we do. Then he invited us to be on the food committee so we could actually have an impact on what Sodexo serves on campus.”

Waite and Daust wanted people to know they shouldn’t be afraid to reach out and be on the show. In the future, both expressed hopes of releasing merchandise so they could benefit some from the work that they had done while also giving people something to help support the account. Ultimately, the two hope everyone is able to enjoy the account for what it is.

Photo by Justin Trostle

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