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Six things freshmen should know before starting college

Students enjoy a game of beach volleyball during Tiger TraksJuly 12, 2022 - Angela Webb

Hello friends! I thought I would shed some light on what I’ve learned since being a freshman in college ...

Know your limitations. Do not push yourself to the point where it becomes unhealthy and dangerous. Having goals such as making honors or graduating early is great, but don’t let these goals stress you out.

Finding a balance between social life and homework is another example of knowing your limitations because, yes, it is important to socialize, but also make time to study for the Contemporary World exam on Friday (not based on personal experience, lol). You can’t always hang out with friends when you have a bunch of homework to do, and that’s okay.

Enjoy college life. College is not only about studying! It is also about building new friendships and having fun!

Go to Waffle House at 3 a.m. Explore the local area. Go to the bluff to hang out. These memories are going to last a lifetime! Many lifelong friends are made in college. So study hard, but also have fun during the four years you’re at college.

Learn from your mistakes. Nobody is perfect! Nobody has it all together! College is such a big transition as it is, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

When you make a bad grade on an exam because of reasons a, b or c, you accept it, learn from it and move on. Mistakes build character – it is how you grow. You can either learn from it or let it bring you down.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. There are so many things life can throw at you, but choose your battles. You don’t have to worry about every single thing.

Speaking from experience … if you wake up later than you wanted before class, just get dressed and go. If you don’t get to sit in your favorite seat in class, it’s okay. I worry so much that if I wasn’t worrying about anything, I worried about that! Celebrate small victories and take on each day with a go-getter attitude! Don’t expect worry in your day! Say out loud, “NOT TODAY, SATAN.”

Step out of your comfort zone. GROW. Part of college is growing, whether that’s mentally, physically or spiritually. Make your mark in your college career! Meet new people, and get involved in the community.

Try new things! Do things you never dreamed of doing in high school – all the more reason to do it – and tap into your full potential! Be intentional with anything and everything you do.

Angela Webb

By Angela Webb, a junior communications & media/strategic communications and business administration double major from Judsonia, Ark.

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