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Tips to make the most of Early Registration

Cone-Bottoms Hall on the campus of Ouachita Baptist UniversityApril 18, 2023 - Anna Roussel

Early Registration (ER) is a key step in becoming a Ouachita Tiger. If you’re new to Ouachita ­­– or just new to this experience – here are some helpful tips to make the most of ER:

Registering for classes: Building your first class schedule for fall is one of the most important parts of ER – and where the event gets its name. Students meet one-on-one with their academic advisor, a full-time professor in their area of study who will guide them throughout their time at Ouachita. In addition to creating your first college schedule, it’s a great time to talk about your broader academic and career interests. While most freshmen stick to core classes (see more about this below), think about whether there are intro classes that would be an interesting elective (a future major, perhaps?) as well as what times and professors you prefer. Keep in mind that some classes may be full, so come with a flexible mindset. We recommend talking through options and preferences with your parents before you come to campus and are swept up in the busy-ness of the day. Then you can lock down your schedule with your advisor while your parents attend a session of their own.

The Ouachita core curriculum: Ouachita approaches academics from the liberal arts tradition, meaning we value learning from a broad variety of fields in addition to gaining a deep understanding of a chosen major. Most freshmen start by taking several core classes along with one or two classes within their major. All new Ouachitonians take OBU Connections, which includes information about campus resources, explores what it means to be a Christian college and serves as an introduction to the liberal arts tradition by studying a topic through an interdisciplinary lens. Each section covers a different topic, so take some time to choose one that catches your interest!

ID picture prep: Picture day is everyone’s favorite day, so heads up that most incoming freshmen take their student ID photos during ER. Once the picture is taken, it stays with them for their whole Ouachita journey. Your Ouachita ID serves as a key card to the residence halls, a ticket to sporting events, your cafeteria meal card, access to campus laundry and printing and more. If you decide to have your ID photo taken during ER, watch for signs directing you to the Student Development office.

Meet new people: ER is an opportunity to meet future classmates! The Student Life session is a great time to make new friends before move-in. Bring your lanyard by the Button Bar and load it up with buttons that represent your interests. You’ll have fun spotting other students in the crowd who share your interests – or maybe those who have a totally different set of hobbies! You’ll likely have your roommate assignment by then, so you could plan to have that first face-to-face meeting, too. Parents also have the chance to mingle at a panel discussion designed just for them, and later while their students are meeting with their academic advisors.

Residence hall tours: Select freshmen in both women’s and men’s residence halls have been kind enough to open their rooms to tour while you’re on campus. Wanting to get a head start on room décor? Feel free to take pictures of an example room and make note of ideas for how to decorate and arrange your future room! While lots of measurements are available on our Res Life website, remember to bring a tape measure to check specific nooks and crannies – you’ll be glad you did while shopping this summer.

Campus tours: Haven’t had a chance to tour Ouachita’s campus yet? We’d love to show you around and let you hear about Ouachita from current students. Members of the Ouachita Student Foundation will be leading small group tours, but no pressure to take advantage of this option if you already know your way around campus.

What happens next? Your time in Arkadelphia doesn’t have to end at ER! Check obu.edu/area for recommendations of local restaurants, activities and places to stay. If you attend Session 1 or 2, you can purchase a ticket to see Ouachita’s spring musical, “Mary Poppins,” in Jones Performing Arts Center. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available at obu.edu/boxoffice.

We view ER as one of the happiest days in the journey from high school student to Ouachita freshman and can’t wait to welcome you to campus. See more details at obu.edu/er, and don’t hesitate to contact your admissions counselor if you have additional questions.

Photo by Levi Dade

Anna RousselAnna Roussel '22 serves as communications & marketing specialist in Ouachita's Office of Communications & Marketing.





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