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You trust me to do what?

Growing & learning through new experiences

Coleman CallanApril 16, 2024 - Coleman Callan

If there’s one thing life at Ouachita has taught me, it’s that sometimes, people trust you to do things you never imagined yourself being capable of. From directing major events to handling social media for campus spectacles, my Ouachita journey has been a rollercoaster of challenges and growth.

Let’s rewind to my freshman year when I was tasked with directing the live stream for the Battle of the Ravine, a monumental event in Ouachita’s calendar. The catch? I had never worked an OSDN broadcast before, let alone directed one. The enormity of the responsibility hit me like a ton of bricks. Doubts swirled in my mind. Could I really pull this off? Would I let everyone down?

But amidst the uncertainty, there was trust. Trust from my peers, from the faculty, and from the institution itself. It was a vote of confidence that I couldn’t ignore. So, with a mixture of determination and nerves, I dove headfirst into the challenge. I immersed myself in learning the ins and outs of broadcast directing, seeking guidance from mentors and tapping into my prior knowledge from my experience gained at Cullman High School.

As the Battle of the Ravine unfolded, I found myself in the midst of controlled chaos. There were moments of panic and doubt, but there were also moments of clarity and triumph. And in the end, the event was a success. The trust placed in me had been validated, and I emerged from the experience with newfound confidence in my abilities.

Fast forward to another whirlwind moment: handling social media for the Ouachita Student Foundation specifically related to Tiger Tunes. Now, I’ll be honest – I had no clue what I was doing. Sure, I knew my way around social media platforms as a user, and I had run social media accounts for businesses in my hometown, but managing accounts for a major campus event was an entirely different beast. Yet once again, trust was extended to me. And once again, I found myself rising to the occasion.

I threw myself into the task, learning on the fly and embracing the challenge with gusto. I experimented with content, engaged with followers, and navigated the intricacies of online promotion. There were moments of uncertainty and plenty of trial and error, but through it all, I remained committed to delivering results worthy of the trust placed in me.

Reflecting on these experiences, I’ve come to realize that trust is a powerful catalyst for growth. It pushes us beyond our comfort zones, forcing us to rise to the occasion, to embrace challenges with resilience and determination.

So, to anyone out there who’s been entrusted with daunting tasks and uncertain responsibilities, remember this: trust yourself as others trust you. Embrace the journey, lean on your support network and never underestimate your capacity for growth. You may surprise yourself with what you’re capable of achieving when trust becomes your guiding light.

Coleman Callan

Coleman Callan is a junior communications & media/integrated communications major from Graysville, Ala.




Lead photo: Coleman Callan edits content in the student media room. Photo by Ashleigh Estes



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