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From the "Ouachitonian": Dr. Tim and Coach Todd Knight

Dr. Tim and Coach Todd KnightOctober 17, 2022 - Rose Robinson

Ouachita’s favorite set of faculty football brothers – Head Football Coach Todd Knight and Dr. Tim Knight, dean of the J.D. Patterson School of Natural Sciences – continue to make a lasting impact on campus. As Coach Knight led his team to wins on the football field year after year, Dr. Knight experienced his victories in the classroom. This purple-and-gold bleeding set of brothers truly make Ouachita a better place. Coach Knight keeps Ouachita’s successful football program on the map as his brother is the face behind the entire Jones Science Center operation. These two brothers are special assets to Ouachita, and Ouachita wouldn’t be the same without the Knight family.

At Ouachita graduation ceremonies in years past, the last name “Knight” has been called out from generation to generation. Coach Knight said, “Ouachita has left such an impact on our entire family as all of our kids graduated with a Ouachita degree, and even our wives went here.”

From both Coach Knight and Dr. Knight attending Ouachita themselves, to meeting their wives here, to coming full circle and taking over their desired departments, this family is the definition of a Ouachita family.

As Dr. Knight’s days were filled with back-to-back meetings, teaching biology and keeping Jones Science Center a thriving place, Coach Knight’s schedule consists of hard practices and leading Ouachita’s football program, all while managing his bonus sons’ football careers.

“We really only have time to see each other on the weekends,” Coach Knight said. With long hours and busy days, the Knight brothers did at times have trouble finding time to see each other, but when they do, the family reunion is that much sweeter.

“Sometimes the only time we get to spend together in a week is when we sit down on the church pew on Sunday mornings,” Dr. Knight said. Although both Knight brothers have much on their plate on a daily basis, they both enjoy having the other on their team rooting for them – whether it’s on the football field or inside the classroom.

Having been at Ouachita for practically their whole lives, the Knight brothers have truly left their mark here. “God brought us here,” exclaimed Dr. Knight, “and we’re all in.”

The Knight name will continue to carry a legacy here for generations to come. Coach Knight leads his pack with loyalty all while holding the title of being the GAC’s longest-standing head football coach. Dr. Knight guides his ambitious students with passion as he educates young minds on top of running his school. The Knight brothers passionately utilize their God-given gifts to benefit students’ lives in any way possible. They go above and beyond to make Ouachita home for all kids they’re around.

Whether it’s impacting a player’s life or helping a student pursue the career they desire, both Coach Knight and Dr. Knight have made Ouachita a better place as they carry on their family name.

Photo by Abigail Blankenship



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