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Baumgardner promoted to assistant to the director of campus safety

October 30, 2008 - Adam Wheat

Campus patrol officer Deryl Baumgardner, 55, was recently promoted to the position of lieutenant with the added title of assistant to the director of campus safety after three years of service to Ouachita Baptist University.

"Lieutenant Baumgartner’s work ethic is unmatched," said Captain Donnie Hunter, director of campus safety. "He has never refused any work assignment, and has even volunteered to work in the place of others who couldn’t make it to work.

“He exemplifies the meaning of professionalism; he is an excellent communicator [who] trains and leads by example,” Hunter added. “His integrity and helpfulness give me complete confidence that he can handle any situation and help lead the safety department in a positive direction."

Baumgardner, who worked as a farm manager before becoming a safety officer at Ouachita, said he feels this promotion will give him opportunities to better meet challenges and make a difference in his work environment. He noted that his favorite part of working as a safety officer is that he can make "a difference in people's characters, lives, safety and attitude."

by Adam Wheat



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