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Ouachita students aid community during Thanksgiving

December 12, 2008 - Adam Wheat

For three years, Ouachita students have been giving of their time and resources during the Thanksgiving season. The Ben M. Elrod Center for Family and Community directs the Thanksgiving basket project which invites students to distribute baskets of food to area residents in need. This year the project produced a record 44 baskets.

The Elrod Center starts by collecting food donations which come from a variety of groups including students. Then the large baskets are assembled by student volunteers who, along with faculty and staff volunteers, present the baskets to families whose names are supplied by Lighthouse Ministries.

"Holidays are an important time for families," said Judy Duvall, who helps lead the project through the Elrod Center. "Being able to serve a holiday dinner can be an encouragement and great joy to families. The individuals helped have suffered financial hardship or setbacks recently.” She said families often respond with, “shock and then extreme gratitude."

Duvall said she has enjoyed seeing the number of baskets increase each year and hopes that the Ouachita community will continue to help bless these families in need each Thanksgiving.

by Adam Wheat