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Ouachita’s annual Elrod Center service awards banquet honored Linda Burns and student volunteers

Pictured are honoree Linda Burns (left) and Donna Reynolds, director of the Foster Grandparent program at Ouachita, during the Elrod Center’s annual community service awards banquet. Burns was honored for 25 years of service with the program.May 01, 2019 - Abby Turner

Ouachita Baptist University’s Ben M. Elrod Center for Family and Community held its annual community service awards banquet on Tuesday, April 16. Linda Burns was honored with the Foster Grandparent Service Award for 25 years of service with the program. Numerous other students, faculty and staff who serve through the Elrod Center during the academic year also were recognized.

“On this night we come together for a fun evening meal and reflect on the joys and rewards of service, as well as say thank you to those who have served well,” said Judy Duvall, associate director of the Elrod Center.

Linda Burns is a supervisor for a group of Foster Grandparent volunteers who serve at the Hot Springs Child Service Center. In the last 25 years, Burns has overseen more than 50 volunteers who have served more than 75,000 hours combined.

“We decided instead of celebrating an outstanding volunteer this year, we would celebrate her as an outstanding supervisor for our program,” explained Donna Reynolds, director of the Foster Grandparent program. “She will be retiring in August, and I want to recognize the great role she has played in making our program successful in the Hot Springs area.”

Reflecting the university’s values to be an academic community of vision, integrity and service, the annual service awards banquet is designed to highlight and celebrate the service and work done by students, faculty and staff in the past year.

“We know that the people receiving the awards have all served at great personal sacrifice of their time, talent and energy to make a positive impact on the life of others,” explained Ian Cosh, vice president for community and international relations.

The Elrod Center for Family and Community was established in 1977 by Ouachita in order to promote a life of service and to give students, faculty and staff a variety of way to serve.

“We are so grateful for the many Ouachita volunteers that make a difference in the lives of others,” said Duvall.


Other students, faculty and staff honored at the banquet include:

America Counts Tutors: Emery Brock, Brittany Burr, Mallory Gatson, Meagan Mosely, Sara Neumann, Bret Pierce, Catie Shirley and Noah Worley.

America Reads Tutors: Shelby Bradley, Katie Gray, Grayson Hunter, Charlece Lake, Allyson Oliver, Grace Rapert, Dominique Smith, Brooke Snyder, Elisabeth Steely, Madeline Steely, Ashly Stracener, Shelby Vassar and Meagan Woodard.

America Counts Senior Awards: Kailee Hamilton, Kallie Polk and Brittany Ratliff.

America Reads Senior Awards: Delaney Bono, Haley Campbell, Hannah Minton, Micah Overstreet, Jessica Shell, Madeline Smith, Lauren Terry and Haileigh West.

Peake Partnership Volunteer Tutors: Kelsey Archer, Tori Barnhill, Kaylee Bobbitt, Kaleigh Casada, Kara Deluane, Parker Edwards, Savannah Edwards, Jordan Ford, Tommy Foster, Noah Fowler, Logan Huneycutt, Jordan Izzo, Jazmine Johnson, Callie Jourdan, Brennan Langford, Brandon Matros, Molly Mattingly, Cade McBride, Sheldon McGowan, Pierce Mitchum, Shae Parker, Tyler Riebock, Grace Roark, Taylor Savage, Kade Stuart, Ben Swanger, Liv Sweeken, Kaitlyn Terry, Kaden Tollett, Abby Turner, Stephanie Weatherford and Chris Willard.

Peake Partnership Volunteer Senior Awards: Adam Bahloul, Jacob Crumpler, Madison McGee, Beth Naylor, Melody Pruitt, Shannon Stribling, Aaron Studdard and Bo Sutton.

Home School and After School Volunteer Tutors: Emery Brock, Jessa Bryant, Darby Byrd, Erica Chapman, Gabby Davis, Tucker Douglas, Jordan Ford, Katie Harmon, Tehya Hinkson, Jenni Johnson, Rachel Patterson, Dominique Smith and Estelle Zhang.

Home School and After School Volunteer Senior Awards: Kailee Hamilton, Hannah Minton, Beth Naylor and Mandy Tebbetts.

Kluck Service Enrichment Grants – Spring 2019: Mollie Eldridge and GenerationU to help provide needed dorm items for freshman. Lauren Archer and the Thanksgiving Basket Program to purchase books, Bibles and coloring books for the baskets of food. Dylan Bester and the International Club to help with outreach for internationals. Reanna Johnson, Kaitlyn Terry and Addressing Poverty to minister to families with the Pregnancy Resource Center for Southwest Arkansas. Maggie Donnell and ElderServe to provide gifts for veterans who attend the Elrod Center Veterans Day luncheon. Christie Snow and the Backyard Bible Club. Bethany Crawley and Chi Mu women’s social club to promote community-wide autism awareness. Hannah Bridge and Ouachita’s Grant Center for International Education for Global Focus Week. Paige Smith and ElderServe for the Valentine's Ball at the Plaza. Matthew Jarboe and the Department of Kinesiology and Leisure Studies for purchasing fishing poles for homeschool and fourth grade students. Rebekah Biles and Ouachita’s chapter of Alpha Chi national college honor society to assist with a Peake Elementary art project. Amy Gattis and the International Food Festival to offset the cost of food. Hannah Terry and Pan Harmony for the after school steel drum program. Elisabeth Brown and Gamma Phi women’s social club to relaunch the club. Keller Smith and Ouachita’s American Chemical Society for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) field programs for 4th-6th grade girls.

Special Olympics: Caleb Byrd and kinesiology students.

Special Olympics Senior Award: Sarah Cowell.

TaxServe OBU Volunteers: John Cloud and Zachary Nance.

TaxServe OBU Volunteer Senior Award: Jaden (Jay) Sewell.

Thanksgiving Baskets Ministry: Lauren Archer.

Healthy Relationships Week: Kailee Hamilton and Trace Hamilton.

International Student Service Award: Alex Podguzov.

Cargill Leadership Fund Award: Davis Wadley.

ElderServe Volunteers: Tori Barnhill, Kaylee Bobbitt, Samantha Boyd, Lexi Bray, Spencer Briley, Jordan Brown, Lila Buchanan, Myers Buck, Jaime Bunting, Markie Campbell, Kayla Churchwell, Bethany Colbert, Andrew Coop, Carli Copell, Rachel David, Maggie Donnell, Tyler Duck, Allyson Edwards, Kourtney Endicott, Hunter Gautreaux, Jordan Gills, Garrett Hamilton, Taylor Hamilton, Ashlyn Heckman, Taylor Huggins, Jenny Johnson, Tallie Kriegel, Moriah Manchack, Molly Maddox, Morgan Masengale, Andrew McDonald, Madison McGhee, Heather McLarry, Ben Miller, Jacklynn Minton, Jackson Nichols, Grace Oliver, Adrienne Parks, Claire Phillips, Raegan Pyle, Rue Ragsdale, David Rainwater, Taylor Roberts, Abigail Sanders, Luke Scaggs, Claire Seale, Dominique Smith, Hailey Smith, Paige Smith, Louis Steen, Carter Wade, Abby Walker, Hannah Walker, Stephanie Weatherford, Paige Williams, Abe Young and Estelle Zhang.

ElderServe Senior Awards: Caitlyn Abreu, Lindsey Desoto, Erin Harrington, Torey Harrison, Corianne Jones, Rachel Lock, Grace Steiner, Shannon Stribling and Katie Young.

Campus Ministry Leaders: Hannah Bridge, Caleb Byrd, Spencer Ewing, Mallory Morris, Marcy Nelson, Sara Neumann, Paige Smith, Christie Snow, Mallorie Svercauski, Mandy Tebbetts, Faith Twyford, Hannah Walker, Laura Beth Warner, Brooke Woessner and Teresa Workman.

Campus Ministry Leaders Seniors: J.J. Askins, Harrison Ballard, Houston Clifton, Ethan Edwards, Hannah Eddington, Ryan Fielder, Abigail Fontenot, Anna Claire Goodroe, Katie Jo Henley, Grace Howell, Cole Jester, Tommy Kelton, Kord Offenbacker, Brooke Sanderford, Allie Stanage and Jessica Williamson.

Tiger Serve Day Leadership Team: Jacob Brown, Fallon Carder, Ali Chapman, Jacob Cottrell, Addy Goodman, Will Guerra, Parker Henley, Madeline Knight, Able Kusaloka, Barrett Malone, Chanelle Pieterse, Raegan Pyle, Luke Roberson, Joao Pedro Rodrigues, Sara Rothwell, Daniel Thomas and Brooke Woessner.

Tiger Serve Day Leadership Team Senior Awards: Molly Boone, Noah Day, Hannah Eddington, Sam Eddington, Sidney Kelley, Madi Morrison, Jackson Oulch and Davis Wadley.

Transerve Award for more than 75 hours of service for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019: Caitlyn Abreu, Johnathon Boyce, Emery Brock, Kaleigh Casada, Andrew Coop, Sarah Cowell, Maggie Donnell, Spencer Ewing, Kailee Hamilton, Savanna Harris, Grayson Hunter, Victoria Mayfield, Justin McGee, Elise Nelson, Seigen Nichols, Raegan Pyle, Brooke Sanderford, Catie Shirley, Shannon Stribling and Mandy Tebbetts.


For more information, contact the Elrod Center at 870-245-5320.


By Abby Turner // Photo by Ransey Joiner. Pictured are honoree Linda Burns (left) and Donna Reynolds, director of the Foster Grandparent program at Ouachita, during the Elrod Center's annual community service awards banquet. Burns was honored for 25 years of service with the program. Download full size image.

May 1, 2019