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Tiger for Life Podcast: Anna Lloyd ('00), Back to School

Tiger For Life PodcastSeptember 24, 2020 - Jon Merryman

Anna LloydOn this episode of the Tiger for Life Podcast we hear from Ouachita alumna Anna Lloyd ('00). After teaching elementary music for years at various schools in Arkansas, Anna received her master's degree in Education Administration and Supervision in 2010 before becoming an assistant principal and now a principal. Anna currently serves as principal at Pulaski Heights Elementary in Little Rock where she is known for her love for her kids, families and teachers.

Anna shares about leading through the pandemic, how she prepared to open her school for on-campus instruction, what she learned surviving the crash of American Airlines flight 1420 as a Ouachita student and her favorite Ouachita memories, like singing with Ouachita Singers and decking her professors' yards at Christmastime.