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Tiger for Life Podcast: Jill Rowe (’03)

Helping Families Stay Healthy & Thrive

Tiger for Life podcastNovember 29, 2021 - Jon Merryman

Jill RoweOn this episode of the Tiger For Life Podcast, Ouachita graduate and chair of the Ouachita Alumni Advisory Board, Keisha Pittman McKinney ('04) interviews fellow alumna Jill Waldon Rowe ('03). While serving as a traveling speech pathology assistant for 15 years, Jill saw many children, including her own, getting sick often. Looking for products to better her family's health, Jill struggled to find products with clean, healthy ingredients she could trust. What started with pots full of elderberry syrup on the stove in her kitchen for her family and friends has turned into Rowe Casa Organics -- providing more than 160 natural products online and in 500 boutiques and stores across the country with the goal of helping families thrive.

Jill shares about how Rowe Casa began, about the exciting growth of the company and her favorite Ouachita memories like leading Bible studies, spending time in the speech pathology department with Nancy and Carol and never missing breakfast at Walt's or the caf.

You can learn more about Rowe Casa Organics, purchase products online or find a local spot to check them out, like The Farmhouse in Arkadelphia, at www.rowecasaorganics.com.


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