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Tiger for Life Podcast: Mari Bednar ('17)

Teaching and Sharing God’s Love in Haiti

Tiger for Life podcastJune 29, 2021 - Jon Merryman

Mari BednarOn this episode of the Tiger for Life Podcast, we hear from Ouachita graduate Mari Bednar ('17). After serving in children's ministry while attending Ouachita and after graduation, Mari felt called to the mission field and moved to Haiti to teach fourth graders in August of 2020 -- in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mari shares about her call to Haiti, what it was like to make the move during the pandemic, how others can get involved in ministering to kids in Haiti and some of her favorite Ouachita memories like directing the Tri Chi MaTChes Tiger Tunes show, learning to cook from Dr. Brech and Interim Ouachita President Dr. Charles Wright ('60) letting her wear the presidential medallion.

You can learn more about Mission Haiti and get involved here: https://www.mission-haiti.org/. To connect with Mari, visit www.facebook.com/maribednar/ or www.instagram.com/marikbed/.