Interested in vocations that focus on helping people? Ouachita’s community and family services major in the Pruet School of Christian Studies at Ouachita is designed to prepare graduates for a wide range of vocations in areas of community, family and social services or for graduate education in social work, counseling and other fields.

Career Options

Children’s and family ministry

Community agencies

Family service groups

Non-profit organizations

Graduate study: professional counseling, marriage and family therapy, social work, law, ministry

Featured Courses

Introduction to Social Services

Interpersonal Communication

Christian Counseling

Family Counseling

Internship in Community and Family Services

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Degree Details

This flexible degree program allows you to choose courses to suit your interests and the needs of your future career path. View the detailed degree requirements PDF to see all courses included in the program.

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Graduate School Acceptance Rate for Pruet School students

Academic Departments Involved in the Program

Average Class Size, Department of Christian Ministries


Pruet School Faculty with Doctorates

“This major prepares students for the growing vocational field of community and family services by combining courses on interpersonal communication, social services and counseling, all from a Christian perspective. For students who have an interest in fields that require a master’s or doctoral degree, such as counseling or marriage and family therapy, this major will provide a strong foundation.”

 Dr. Danny Hays
 Dean, Pruet School of Christian Studies  

Learn from professors who are the authors of your textbooks

Don’t just read textbooks by experts in the field. At Ouachita, you actually can learn from those very authors! Faculty members in Ouachita’s Pruet School of Christian Studies have written numerous books, including Bible handbooks, commentaries and other theological and ministry resources.


Join industry professionals at conferences on campus

Gain valuable insights and network with professionals at conferences hosted each year by the Pruet School, including a pastors’ conference and a Conference on Issues in Christian Counseling. These opportunities – held right here on campus – are a great head start on a meaningful career.

Serve the Kingdom locally, abroad or anywhere in between

Service is a way of life here. Whether your passion is children, senior adults, church planting, overseas missions or anything in between, there are dozens of programs through Ouachita’s Elrod Center for Family and Community, Campus Ministries and the Pruet School to connect you with opportunities to serve.


for graduation and beyond

Whether you plan to launch your career after graduation or continue to graduate studies, a Ouachita degree in community and family services will provide a solid foundation for your success. Interested in counseling, social work or another path requiring graduate study? Our hands-on, individualized academic advising will make sure you complete any prerequisites needed for the graduate program of your choice.

Ouachita’s 2019 Issues in Christian Counseling Conference discusses family issues

Ouachita Baptist University’s Pruet School of Christian Studies hosted the ninth annual Conference on Issues in Christian Counseling on Friday, Feb. 22, on Ouachita’s campus. The conference, which was sponsored by Ouachita, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, brought together 170 mental health professionals, social workers, nurses and ministers to discuss the topic of “Family Issues.” “Just a...

A Prayer for Place: Dedicating Berry-Peeples Bible Building

Father, we praise You, for You are great and greatly to be praised. You have given us your Son for our salvation, your Word to make Him known to us, and places in which we learn to know Him better. We don’t have to tell You, Father, how important “place” is to Your people. You understand. The Bible is full of places: Eden, Bethel, Moriah, Egypt, Red Sea, Sinai, wilderness, tabernacle, holy of holies, Jericho, Shilo, Jerusalem, temple, Babylon,...

Dr. David Bebbington discusses evangelical history, trajectory in Birkett Williams lecture at Ouachita

Dr. David W. Bebbington spoke at Ouachita Baptist University on Oct. 7 as part of the university’s Birkett Williams Lecture Series. A world-renowned scholar on evangelicalism, Bebbington focused his lecture on the history of evangelicalism and its relevancy to the modern Christian. Dr. Bebbington began by talking about evangelical revivals, America’s First Great Awakening and England’s Evangelical Revival, which took place in the 18th century,...

“What’s up there?”: A study abroad reflection

One of my favorite aspects of being in Jerusalem was becoming friends with a Palestinian kid, who we’ll call Michael. It was an unlikely friendship. Michael is 18 and has lived in East Jerusalem his whole life. He’s Muslim and had never had any close female or non-Arab friends. I’m 22, Christian – Protestant at that – and have lived in Arkansas my whole life. For me, zatar is exotic and for him, tacos. But here we were, both sitting in an ulpan...

Pruet School of Christian Studies

Has God called you to serve Him through ministry or missions? The Pruet School of Christian Studies is a great place to prepare. Our students gain an understanding of the theological, biblical and practical elements of Christian ministry as well as hands-on experience in ministry, missions and service.


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