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Admissions Information

Requirements for Admission


Students may apply to Ouachita online. A certified high school transcript and an official report of the American College Test (ACT) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores must be on file with the University prior to admission. The university will consider for regular admission the application of a student who submits: a completed application for admission, an official transcript from high school, a minimum high school grade point average (GPA) of 2.750 on a 4.000 scale, a minimum ACT composite score of 20 or SAT score of 1020. Ouachita recommends but does not require the following high school course units for success at the college level: four in English, three in social science with American history and world history recommended, two in natural science preferably selected from biology, chemistry and/or physics, two in mathematics with algebra I and geometry recommended;  and at least two units in one foreign language. The University may grant Conditional Admission to students who fall below the previously stated standards. Most of these students will be advised to enroll in certain Academic Skills courses. The University will refuse admission to students whose academic record indicates an inability to meet Ouachita’s academic standards.


A student who has been home-schooled and desires admission to Ouachita must submit: a transcript of high school work completed, a high school GPA of 2.750 or higher on a 4.000 scale a minimum, and an ACT composite score of 20 or SAT score of 1020


Qualified students from other countries are eligible for admission as English as a Second Language (ESL) students, freshmen, or transfer students. Students must submit valid TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam scores earned within two years of admission.  Students who score 78-80 internet Based Test (iBT), or 550 Paper Based Test (PBT) or higher on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam will be admitted to a degree program. Those who score below78-80 iBT, or 550 PBT on the TOEFL exam will be admitted to the English as a Second Language Program.  All transfer credit must be evaluated by International Education Evaluations, Inc (, the evaluator of choice for our institutional needs or by Educational Credential Evaluator ( or World Education Services (  The deadline form submitting an application and all other required admissions documents is July 31 for fall admission, December 20 for spring. Applicants must submit: a completed and signed Application for Admission, required application fee, housing deposit and tuition deposit, a completed Ouachita Health form, a completed International Student Certification of Finances (ISCF) Form, official transcript from all secondary and post-secondary schools attended and certified copies of the results of all standardized examinations, and one of the following scores is required: TOFEL, ACT, or SAT.  Any additional requirements as published by the international programs office. Applicants whose native language is not English must also submit scores earned on the TOEFL exam if the ACT or SAT score cannot be provided or does not meet admission requirements. Students interested in taking the TOEFL should go to

For more information, contact the Daniel R. Grant Center for International Education Office, 410 Ouachita Street, Box 3777, Arkadelphia, AR 71998-0001, USA.

Office phone: 870-245-5197


The University will consider for regular admission a student who is 17 years or younger who is not a high school graduate.  The student must submit an application for admission, an official transcript showing at least 16 units in high school work, a GPA of 3.000 or higher on a 4.000 scale on high school work, a minimum ACT composite score of 20 or SAT score of 1020, and a recommendation from one’s principal, superintendent or counselor.  The University will consider for regular admission an applicant who is 18 years old or older who is not a high school graduate who submits: a completed application for admission, scores of 150 or higher on each of the four subject areas on the  General Education Development (GED) test, and a composite score of 20 or higher or SAT score of 1020 or higher.


Those who wish to transfer to Ouachita should apply for admission as transfer students and supply course descriptions for all courses taken. Transfer students may be admitted with at least a 2.0 transfer GPA,  if they are eligible to return to the institution from which they came. They must declare all colleges and universities attended in the past and supply official transcripts from each school attended.  A transfer student who has fewer than twenty-nine hours of acceptable credit must submit ACT or SAT scores for course placement.  Transfer students may use any Ouachita catalog which has been in effect since they entered college, as long as the catalog is not more than 3 years old. Students from accredited junior or senior colleges will receive full credit for courses taken in such institutions, subject to departmental or other limitations. All grades of all college level courses will be transferred and used in calculating the grade point average except those with D or F grades which cannot be repeated at Ouachita. Courses accepted in transfer must be consistent with the liberal arts character of the Ouachita curriculum. Ouachita will accept academic skills courses from other universities, but the number of hours required for graduation increases by the number of hours of academic skills courses. Students transferring from educational institutions not accredited by a regional accreditation agency may enroll if they have a 2.0 GPA. Courses taken at such institutions will be evaluated to determine which courses will receive credit, and a maximum of 12 of those hours will apply toward graduation. Transfer students who have 29 or more hours of credit are required to submit a degree plan during their first semester in residence. To earn a baccalaureate degree, transfer students must meet all requirements outlined in the Academic Information section, as well as those for the degree they seek. Sixty resident hours are required; 30 of the last 36 hours and at least 12 hours (6 junior-senior) in the major and 9 (3 junior-senior) in the minor must be taken in residence at Ouachita. Transfer Chart (Core Requirements Only)


High school students are allowed to take OBU classes for credit after their 10th grade year. The University will consider for admission the application of a high school student who submits a completed application for admission as a non-degree seeking student, an official high school transcript, and a minimum ACT composite score of 20 or SAT score of 1020.


Additional Information


Ouachita Baptist University is an approved institution for veterans and veterans' beneficiaries training. Veterans of recent military service, widows, or children of military personnel who lost their lives in service or who are totally disabled as a result of service should contact the nearest VA Regional Office as far in advance of enrollment date as is possible for assistance in securing veterans benefits. Information on campus regarding this program may be secured from the Student Financial Services Office at 870-245-5570.


After being suspended from Ouachita, a student may apply for readmission following a lapse of at least one regular semester. The Petition for Readmission form may be obtained in the Registrar. While on Academic Suspension a student may not earn credit to be transferred to Ouachita.

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