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Spanish: B.A.

Perhaps you are fascinated by the words and sentence structures of a different language, or you want to be able to communicate and better engage with the more than 500 million Spanish speakers in our hemisphere. Learning Spanish as a second language is a guaranteed way to help you do so.

In the Spanish program at Ouachita, you will work closely with skilled and committed faculty to learn the language and explore the cultures of the Hispanic world – through the study of literature, film and the arts – to think critically about yourself, other cultures and your place in the world.


Christian Ministry/Missions

International Business

Non-Profit Organizations



Interpretive/Translation Services


Cultural Conversations

Written Expressions

Latino Literature in the U.S.

Civilizations of the Spanish Speaking World

Special Topics: Women Writers, Phonetic, Hispanic Literatures, Poetry

View the Ouachita catalog for a full course listing with course descriptions.

There are three options for studying Spanish at Ouachita: a major, minor or a specialized double major with nursing to prepare nurses for service in multicultural settings.

View the detailed degree requirements PDF to see all courses included in the program.

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Degree Options:

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A Spanish major includes courses not only in grammar and composition but also in topics covering history, culture, literature and more. It requires at least 31 hours in Spanish courses, and is one of the most popular majors on campus to pair as a double major.

This plan of study allows students to earn both a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and typically takes five years to complete. It is excellent preparation for those seeking to serve as nurses in multicultural settings either locally or on the mission field.

A Spanish minor is a good option for students who do not have space in their degree plan for the full major and includes 18 hours of Spanish courses, most of which are selected by the student based on their needs and interests.

In their words

hear from a faculty member & student

"I work for an international organization and speak with a diverse group of people from around the world every single day. Spanish is actually a more broadly unifying language than English amongst our constituency. My experience with Ouachita’s Department of Language and Literature helped me better understand and respect diverse cultures, and I have cultivated deeper friendships through shared language. I can’t express how important and enriching Ouachita has been both personally and professionally as a Spanish-learner!"

Anna Hurst headshotEmily Knocke
2017 Spanish and English graduate from Wichita, Kan.

Spanish student


With the United States as the second largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, the ability to speak Spanish has become a highly valuable asset in today’s multicultural world and will set you apart as an employee in whatever career field you choose. At Ouachita, we believe learning a foreign language and culture is not only a ticket to better opportunities in the future, but more importantly a way to connect with and serve others.

Spanish professor


As a Spanish major or minor, you will have many opportunities to connect and find community with those on campus who speak the language. You can practice conversational Spanish with your peers through Spanish Club, participate in raising awareness for and celebrating the Hispanic culture through the La Fuerza student organization or work on Ouachita’s award-winning bilingual literary magazine, Scope, by translating and publishing Spanish poems, essays and short stories.

study abroad


To grow in both your knowledge and application of speaking Spanish daily in a Hispanic culture, consider one of Ouachita's study abroad opportunities with partner institutions. Study at the University of Costa Rica for one or two months during the summer for a short-term immersive experience. Or for students seeking a full semester of study abroad, the University of Alicante in Spain offers the opportunity to study language and culture, not to mention travel around Europe!



by adding a Spanish major.

Whatever your major may be, you can make it stronger – and more valuable – by adding a Spanish major. Ouachita’s Spanish majors and minors gain language and cultural competency to meaningfully engage with Hispanic countries and cultures no matter their career field. Our graduates are teaching and coaching, practicing immigration law, working in medicine and nonprofit organizations and serving on the mission field throughout the world. For students who specifically wish to double major in Spanish and nursing, Ouachita offers a program with Spanish classes integrated throughout your first three years of study (allowing you to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Arts in Spanish) to become a bilingual caregiver equipped to serve Hispanic populations.


The School of Humanities at Ouachita addresses career and life skills in two key areas – language and communications. The Department of Language & Literature and the Rogers Department of Communications prepare students for a wide range of careers and a lifetime of learning.


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