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The life of a library worker

Moriah in the libraryApril 23, 2019 - Moriah Manchack

The library always seems to be a place where students can come and study to their heart’s delight. It is filled with the tools a student needs to be successful in college: computers, printers, books, even a charging station! Almost every student has spent at least a portion of their time in the library – preparing for an exam, a group project or working on that exegetical. The library is also full of people happy to help you print or find that super important article or book that you must have for your paper!

Exegetical booksI am one of the student workers in the library. And I get it … this job may not sound all that fascinating, but it really can be! I have the opportunity to work in two capacities. I am the person at the front desk who checks out your books (and who is your best friend during exegetical season), and in the past I also worked on the library’s social media posts. Both jobs are pretty great!

At the front desk, I have the opportunity to meet tons of people. No matter what task I might be helping someone with, being at the front desk allows me to get to know people from all over Ouachita. I am here to help answer your questions and can help you pick out the books you will need for your paper. I also get to see the new books that come in, which gives me tons of ideas for what I want to read next.

I also have helped with the library’s social media (@OuachitaLibrary). Working on social media was really fun because I looked at old Ouachita photos and yearbooks, read amazing quotes by some of the best authors and shared some of that with everyone else! I also picked up a lot of fun facts. For instance, did you know that baby goats have accents?

Working in the library isn’t all about the job. Like just about everyone here at Ouachita, the faculty and staff in the library really care about you. They are great listeners and always willing to help in a time of crisis. They have always been super helpful for any last minute writing assignment that I am just kicking myself over, or even to just give me that bit of comic relief before heading back into the thick of it. The library here at Ouachita is a great facility filled with everything you need to be successful: equipment, books and, best of all, people!


Moriah ManchackBy Moriah Manchack, a junior communication sciences & disorders and Spanish double major from Mabelvale, Ark.