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CM’s Weekly Recommendations (4/20)

Campus Ministries blog photoApril 20, 2020 - James Taylor

Each week during our spring semester away from campus, CM will share some different resources that you can use to seek to grow in faith. We recognize that this is a time when online resources are coming at us from all directions. So take and use what you find helpful, but please don’t see these as a spiritual “to do” list that you have to complete.

  1. Ben Stuart sermon: “The Restoration of Peter
  2. Based on work in his Greek Exegesis class, Scott Duvall is writing devotions on Romans 8. Here are the first and second installments.
  3. Need a positive and encouraging song for today? Try this one (warning: may cause parents and others to cry a little…but they’re good tears!)
  4. "What the Women Saw” is a new study on Right Now Media by Jennie Allen and others. Link to get your free RNM account is below.

As always, Right Now Media is free to all faculty, staff, and students and our Life Group study on Habits is available as a PDF.

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