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Ouachita Stories


Behind the names: O.C. Bailey

August 16, 2022

More than a century ago, in 1911, a Ouachita freshman was falsely accused of trespassing on a farmer’s land across the Ouachita River. Since the university lacked men’s dormitories, the student was served a warrant of arrest on the front porch of his rooming house. Luckily, his Latin professor, Mr. Gaines, dismissed his classes the day of the student’s trial and went to the courthouse to testify on behalf of this student, resulting in the charges being dropped.


Dear Future Freshman ...

August 02, 2022

I loved my freshman experience at Ouachita, and there’s not a lot that I would change. During that year, I grew closer to the Lord as I navigated through new friendships, experiences and challenges.


Small town, shmall town

July 19, 2022

Growing up in North Little Rock, Ark., I was concerned about moving to a small town like Arkadelphia. Will I ever get out of my room? What would I do on the weekends?


What NOT to buy

July 05, 2022

When I was about to move in as a freshman at Ouachita, I was overprepared and overwhelmed. I got sucked into buying all the things I thought I would need and wound up with more clutter than space.


Remembering President Emeritus Dr. Daniel Grant

June 03, 2022

Dr. Daniel R. Grant “retired” from a distinguished career at Ouachita in 1988, just before I arrived on campus as a freshman in 1989. But we all know he didn’t really retire; he just stopped taking a paycheck. Dr. Grant advocated for his beloved Ouachita and its people for the rest of his life.


What is autism? What is ABA? Building understanding in Autism Awareness Month

April 11, 2022

April has traditionally been known worldwide as Autism Awareness Month, and is a time to focus on increasing understanding and awareness of people with autism. In 2021, the Autism Society of America changed the designated terminology to Autism Acceptance Month. Regardless of which name you use, I hope you’ll take time this month to become educated on autism and help to create a more inclusive and accepting world for the autism community. Here is some introductory information to get you started.


When a part-time job feeds a passion and prepares for a career

February 17, 2022

Hannah Martin, a senior psychology and business administration/management double major from Conway, Ark., always knew she wanted to serve the special needs community. Becoming a registered behavior technician (RBT) as a part-time job while pursuing her undergraduate degree provided her the opportunity to do just this.


From the "Ouachitonian": Dr. Wesley Kluck

December 22, 2021

After moving back to Arkadelphia, his hometown and town of his alma mater, following his time in medical school and residency, Dr. Wesley Kluck was asked what his dream job was while playing a newlywed game at church.


From the "Ouachitonian": Tyrese Allen

December 22, 2021

Freshman year of high school included moving from Kansas to Savannah, Georgia, for Tyrese Allen, a senior biology major and student body president. His family packed up their rental car, and all Allen cared about were his clothes and fishing poles. While living in Savannah, in the 10th grade, Allen created a mass college application to hundreds of schools.


From the "Ouachitonian": Sabaoot Esho

December 22, 2021

Sabaoot Esho, an international student from Erbil, Iraq, made a 6,841-mile trip to small-town Arkadelphia to attend college at Ouachita Baptist University at the mere age of 17. Before moving to America, Esho had only seen Ouachita’s campus through a computer screen. From her first steps on campus, Esho immediately felt welcomed and seemed at home.


What does that student-faculty ratio number mean? Mentors abound.

August 09, 2022

In my opinion, one of the best things Ouachita has to offer is that it is a university of roughly 1,500 on-campus students and with a student-to-faculty ratio of 12:1. What that means when you yourself are a Ouachita student is that you’ll have great opportunities for mentor relationships with your teachers.


Moving to college: Tips for out-of-state students

July 26, 2022

Moving in to your first college dorm is a very exciting time! However, it can come with many questions and challenges. This can be even harder if you’re moving to Arkadelphia from out of state and need to pack everything you might need for an entire year in one trip – yikes!


Six things freshmen should know before starting college

July 12, 2022

Hello friends! I thought I would shed some light on what I’ve learned since being a freshman in college ...


Historians at Ouachita reflect on Juneteenth

June 16, 2022

The students, faculty, staff and administration of Ouachita pause to commemorate Juneteenth. It is a time in which we reflect upon the many accomplishments that African American citizens made during this post-emancipation time period and continue to make today.


Getting to where you want to go

May 20, 2022

Last academic year, Ouachita was one of the few universities to provide a fully in-person education. As we prepared for this year, we challenged ourselves to provide all the benefits of a traditional campus experience.


A vision for change energizes DI grad student Latina Robinson

April 05, 2022

In March 2016, Latina Robinson, a Dietetic Internship graduate student from North Little Rock, Ark., lost her grandmother to Type 2 diabetes—a deadly disease that, according to the Centers for Disease Control, affects 37.3 million people in the United States


A degree of difference: Haylee Cook among Ouachita's first master's cohort in ABA

January 20, 2022

A couple years out of college, Haylee Cook knew her calling. She just didn’t know what it was called.


From the "Ouachitonian": Wade Wilson

December 22, 2021

Wade Wilson, a Christian studies major from Springdale, was one of only two sophomores to be selected as a Tiger Tunes Rewind host. Prior to being selected, Wilson loved to sing and play guitar but did not have an outlet to do so. After seeing that sign-ups had opened for Tunes host, several friends encouraged him to take a chance. He decided to try out.


From the "Ouachitonian": Sam Conine

December 22, 2021

Many students spent quarantine with their eyes glued to the screen, but Sam Conine, a freshman business entrepreneurship major from Little Rock, was on the other side of the camera. Over the summer, Conine wrote, produced, directed and starred in “AEGIS,” the film of his dreams.


From the "Ouachitonian": Emily Watson

December 22, 2021

One family’s dream to help a country that they do not even live in has encouraged their daughter to lead a life in the same servant-hearted way.


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