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Ouachita's Vice President for Academic Affairs convenes a nominating committee each spring comprised of school representatives to compose a slate of faculty committee nominees. The slate of committee nominees is elected by majority vote of the faculty at a faculty meeting prior to the end of the spring semester.  A term of service for these committees is usually three years.

  • Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee
  • Faculty Development Committee
  • Graduate Council
  • Honors Committee
  • Interdisciplinary Studies Committee
  • Learning and Technology Resources Committee
  • Student Life Committee
  • University Committee




Ouachita's President appoints members to the following committees annually:

  • Assessment Committee
  • Constitution Day Committee
  • Graduate and Professional Studies Advisory Committee
  • Graduation Committee
  • Institutional Review Board
  • Off-Campus Housing Exceptions Committee
  • Planning Committee
  • Staff Development Committee
  • Title IX Leadership Team

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