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Graduation Committee

The Graduation Committee serves to advise the Registrar concerning all aspects of commencement and to assist the Registrar in conducting all activities related to commencement ceremonies. The Committee meets as needed, when convened by the Registrar.

The Graduation Committee is appointed by the President annually. It is chaired by the Registrar. Membership may include the following and others who may be added depending upon changes in university staffing or other circumstances: Registrar (chair), Assistant Registrar, Assistant to the President for Administration, Assistant to the President for Facilities Management and I.T. Services, Dean of the Pruet School of Christian Studies, Dean of the School of Fine Arts, Director of Alumni Services, Director of Bands, Director of Facilities Management, University President (ex-officio), Senior Class President, Vice President for Academic Affairs (ex-officio), Vice President for Communications, and Vice President for Student Development.

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