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Student Life Committee

The Student Life Committee consists of one faculty member from each of the five disciplinary schools designated in a rotation schedule, the Vice President for Student Services, and two students elected by the Student Senate. The chair shall be elected from the committee’s full-time teaching faculty. The Assistant to the President for Community Development, Director of Athletics, and Director of Campus Ministries serve when needed as liaisons to the committee.

The committee shall (a) review and coordinate policy governing intercollegiate athletics, extracurricular student activity, chapel programs, and campus-wide ministry activity, (b) review and coordinate campus-wide programs and speakers from outside the university community, and (c) serve when needed as the selection committee for competitive programs sponsored by the university centers.

The committee may also hear appeals from students and student organizations regarding decisions from the office of Vice President for Student Services. Committee decisions on these matters are final and have no further avenue of appeal. All student appeals of academic disciplinary decisions is the purview of the Deans’ Council.

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