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GPS Advisory Committee

The GPS Advisory Committee assists the Associate Vice President for Graduate and Online Education in promoting the exploration of new program ideas and proposals. Developing sustainable programs for new student populations requires time-intensive research, access to accurate market data, and a culture that supports creativity. This group assists faculty in generating ideas and moving them through a process leading to solid program proposals. The GPS Advisory Committee provides similar support for new undergraduate programs that have a professional orientation, especially those that do not have a departmental home in the university’s existing academic structure. The committee also monitors and supports the development of non-credit educational offerings to serve alumni and other adults.

Any new graduate programs recommended by the GPS Advisory Committee will be reviewed and approved by the Planning Committee and the Graduate Council before being approved by the university faculty. New undergraduate programs that do not have a departmental home will follow a similar path but will go to the Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee instead of the Graduate Council before being presented to the university faculty.

The GPS Advisory Committee's responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring trends and market demand to help faculty and administrators stay abreast of opportunities for new educational initiatives;
  • Providing a low-risk opportunity for faculty and staff interested in proposing new offerings to get feedback and support before moving forward with the formal governance process. This may include both graduate programs and undergraduate programs that do not have an existing departmental affiliation;
  • Reviewing plans and supporting documentation early in the process and winnow program ideas that have insufficient evidence for success;
  • Exploring demand for and promote the development of non-credit continuing education courses; and
  • Assisting in research about potential programs, with all university stakeholders in mind.

The GPS Advisory Committee is an administrative committee appointed by the President in consultation with the VPAA and the Associate VP for Graduate and Online Education. The committee includes a library faculty member who also serves as a liaison to the Graduate Council.


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