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Graduate Council

The Graduate Council, the official governance body for graduate education at Ouachita, is responsible for reviewing all academic and administrative matters related to graduate education. Graduate curriculum proposals and academic standards issues are reviewed by the council and then submitted to the university faculty for approval. Proposals for entirely new graduate programs must also be reviewed by the Planning Committee. The Graduate Council has broad representation from the faculty, as well as key staff members who bring administrative expertise to the council’s work.

The Graduate Council's responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing, studying, and recommending to the faculty all graduate curricular matters.
  • Making recommendations to the faculty regarding standards and policies governing graduate programs.
  • Monitoring and approving implementation of policies, including approval of any variations from general policies requested by individual programs.
  • Reviewing and making recommendations on proposals to establish new or discontinue existing graduate degree programs.
  • Serving as the review body for all graduate-related academic appeals.

The Graduate Council consists of one tenured faculty member from each of the seven disciplinary schools; one at- large member currently serving as a program director or faculty member from an active graduate program; and the following ex-officio members with voting privileges: Associate Vice President for Graduate and Online Education, who serves as chair; Director of Online Learning; and Registrar and Director of Admissions. The Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Graduate and Professional Studies Coordinator serve ex-officio without vote, and the latter serves as secretary. A library faculty member who serves on the Graduate and Professional Studies Advisory Committee will also serve as liaison to the Council.

Please use the following forms when submitting graduate level curriculum or academic standards changes to the committee.

For each change:

  1. Save a copy of the appropriate form to your computer.
  2. Re-name the copy so that it includes the academic year submitted and either the course number or academic standard title.
  3. Fill out the form.
  4. Email completed curriculum change forms to your school representative on the committee.  Email completed academic standards change forms to the VPAA.
  5. Keep a backup copy.

Graduate Curriculum Change – Short Form: (save to your computer)

This form is for proposed minor changes to a graduate level catalog entry, including: a course title change; a non-substantive course content or description change; a course time offering change; or a non-substantive update to a course or program to reflect dependencies or related changes made by another department.

Graduate Curriculum Change – Long Form: (save to your computer)

This form is for all other proposed changes to a graduate level catalog entry, including: adding or deleting a course; adding or deleting a minor; adding or deleting a major; adding or deleting a degree; modifying course content and/or requirements; or modifying program or degree requirements.

Graduate Academic Standards Change Form: (save to your computer)

This form is for proposed changes to graduate level academic standards.

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