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University Committee

The University Committee consists of one tenured faculty member from each of the seven disciplinary schools, one member of the administrative staff appointed by the President, and the Student Senate President. The chair shall be elected from among the committee’s full-time teaching faculty. The President and Vice President for Academic Affairs serve ex offico without vote. The Vice President for Administrative Services serves when needed as liaison to the committee.

The committee shall (a) review, study, and recommend action in any domain the faculty has responsibility not specifically charged to another standing committee; (b) coordinate the activity of all standing committees; (c) serve as an advisory committee to the administration; (d) establish special faculty committees when needed; (e) appoint replacements to unfinished faculty terms on standing committees or other university-wide faculty committees; (f) review the submitted documentation of faculty applying for tenure; (g) make recommendations regarding tenure to the Vice President for Academic Affairs; (h) make recommendations regarding tenure policy to either the administration or the faculty; and (i) assist with faculty welfare issues, including but not limited to salary scale and fringe benefits.

The chair and one committee member shall represent the faculty at budget and Board of Trustees meetings.

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