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Media Resources

Located on the ground floor of the library, the library's Instructional Media Services area supports the academic program in the following areas:  campus media technology, instructional media materials, media laminating, portable equipment, and sessions in the library's media classroom.


Campus Media Technology


In 2012-2013, Instructional Media Services assumed responsibility for supporting and maintaining media technology throughout the campus. Contact the media coordinator for assistance.

Instructional Media Materials


Instructional Media Services houses a variety of academic media materials. The library develops its video and audio collections by acquiring materials requested by faculty members to meet their instructional needs. These items are purchased with the library's media materials fund on a first-come, first-served basis over the course of the university's fiscal year, which begins June 1.

Only current OBU and HSU faculty who have an active borrower account at their university library may take physical media materials outside of the library. The standard check-out period is two weeks, but it may be customized to fit a faculty member's instructional needs. All other patrons may access media materials in the library's Instructional Media area.

Only current OBU faculty, students, and staff may access the library's subscription online media collection, Films on Demand.

Faculty may also arrange for items be put on reserve for class or individual student use in the library's Instructional Media Services area.

Search Library Discovery to find library media materials.

Media Laminating


Instructional Media Services offers lamination services for media that is as thick as poster board and that measures up to 22" wide. The cost is 10 cents per linear inch.

Portable Equipment


Instructional Media Services loans portable equipment to current OBU faculty, staff, and students for short term, official university purposes on a first-come, first-served basis. Personal use is strictly prohibited, and loans are done for academic purposes only.

Patrons are generally responsible for picking up, setting up, operating, and returning the library’s portable equipment and related accessories. If IMS assistance is required, written notice at least 48 hours in advance must be given so that the media coordinator can adjust his work schedule accordingly.

When patrons pick up equipment, they will be shown equipment operation procedures, verify the equipment they are borrowing is in working condition, and sign a “Library Equipment Loan Agreement.” Patrons are responsible for repair and replacement costs due to negligent use.

Submit portable equipment requests directly to the media coordinator. Please note that portable equipment is limited, so advance reservation of equipment is advised and appreciated.

The library’s portable equipment inventory includes: audio players/recorders, laptop computers, projection screens (70″ or 84″ on tripod), projectors, televisions, video camcorders, video players/recorders, and webcams.

IMS does, under certain circumstances, provide equipment to non-OBU personnel on a daily or weekly fee-rental basis for on-campus non-academic social events like weddings or family gatherings and summer groups. Such usage incurs a deposit and rental fee and requires a signed Equipment Rental Agreement. Delivery and set-up of equipment by IMS staff can be arranged with 48-hour notice.

Sessions in the library's media classroom


Patrons may reserve the library's Instructional Media Services classroom (AV-1) for presentations, video conferencing, and viewings.

Advance notice of at least 48 hours is required but additional notice is advised due to the high volume of room requests. Requests requiring special set-up should be submitted at least three days before the event. Contact the media coordinator to make arrangements.

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