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Richard Brown

Professor Emeritus, Biology

Richard H. Brown was born August 24, 1936, to Lonnie L. and Jessie M. Teague Brown. He attended Monticello, Arkansas, public schools, and then served in the United States Army 39th Infantry and the 101st Airborne. Mr. Brown received a B.S.E. from Arkansas A&M College in 1960 and a M.A. from George Peabody College in 1963. He also attended Henderson State University, Ouachita Baptist College, The University of Arkansas, Colorado State University, The University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, University of Tennessee Medical School, and NASA Space Academy.

Mr. Brown joined the Ouachita faculty in 1965 and served until his retirement in 1998. He also served as an Arkansas Visiting Scientist to the public schools from 1970 to 1978. Mr. Brown conducted scientific research through grants from The National Science Foundation, The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, The U.S. Air Force Brooks Aerospace Center, and The U.S. Army Biological and Chemical Center. As an ordained Southern Baptist Minister, Richard Brown served as pastor or interim pastor for Mt. Bethel Baptist Church, Arkadelphia; Southside Baptist Church, Prescott; The First Baptist Church Emmet; Lake Hamilton Baptist Church, Hot Springs; The First Baptist Church of Alexander; The First Baptist Church of Prescott; and Shover Springs Baptist Church. Hope. Mr. Brown, a gospel vocalist, presented over 70 concerts throughout Arkansas and other states. He also served as Music Director for Lakeshore Heights Baptist Church in Hot Springs.

His hobbies include hunting, blacksmithing, bladesmithing, collecting, and painting. Mr. Brown’s blades have been used and displayed by sportsmen, collectors and museums, both domestic and international. He married the former Alta Carter. Richard and Alta have two daughters, Melissa Walls and Richelle Thomas.

J.R. Mundie

Professor Emeritus, Biology

Joseph Ryland Mundie received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Virginia in 1925, 1925, and 1927, respectively. During his graduate student years he taught briefly at the College of William and Mary.

He was a member of the biology faculty at Oklahoma Baptist University from 1927-1938. After serving as a sabbatical replacement faculty member at the University of Oklahoma in 1938-39, he served on the biology faculty of King College in Bristol, Tennessee, from 1939-1943. In 1943, he joined the faculty at Ouachita College, where he served as Chair of the Biology Department until his retirement in 1965.

Dr. Mundie returned to his native King and Queen County, Virginia, where he lived until his death in 1977. He married the former Ruth Lupton. They had two children, Joseph Ryland Mundie, Jr. and Helen Ruth Bennett.

Victor Oliver

Professor Emeritus, Biology

Victor Lord Oliver, from Wilmont, Arkansas, received his B.A. from Ouachita College in 1949, his M.A. from George Peabody College in 1950, and his Ph.D. from the University of Alabama in 1961. Dr. Oliver was an Assistant Professor at Louisiana College for two years.

He then returned to Ouachita and taught for nine years. He left Ouachita as an Associate Professor to teach for two years at Lamar State University. He joined the faculty of Mobile College as a Full Professor and taught there for three years. In 1965, Oliver returned to Ouachita Baptist University. He served as Chairman of the Biology Department until his retirement in 1988.

While contact with students was always a pleasure of Dr. Oliver's, his best memories of teaching include encouraging students in the upper level courses to go on to obtain graduate degrees. In his short time at Lamar State University, three students under his guidance pursued doctorates in Oliver's specialty of parasitology. While at Ouachita, hundreds of students continued to pursue graduate study with Oliver's encouragement.

He married the former Billie Englerth. They had two daughters, Victoria Helm and Toni Oliver.

Kenneth Sandifer

Professor Emeritus, Biology

Kenneth Sandifer obtained his B.S. degree in Biology from Ouachita and then attended graduate school at George Peabody College where he was awarded his M.S. and Ed.S. in Biology.

Shortly after graduating from Peabody, Mr. Sandifer was drafted. He served in the Medical Corps for two years during the Korean War.

After returning to Arkansas, Mr. Sandifer located in Arkadelphia to take an Assistant Professor position at Ouachita for one year. The following five years, Kenneth taught at Arkansas A&M. He then returned to Ouachita in 1961 where he taught in the Biology Department for 34 years.

He served as the Chair of the OBU Biology Department for two years before retiring in 1994. Sandifer loved to teach and especially enjoyed teaching parasitology, histology, and embryology.

Kenneth married the former Lucille Kesner. They had three children, Alan, Randy, and Leanne Strickland, all graduates of Ouachita.


Wayne Everett

Professor Emeritus, Chemistry

Wilbur Wayne Everett received a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Purdue University in 1959 after graduating from Ouachita Baptist College in 1954.

After receiving his Ph.D., he served as Senior Assistant Scientist with the United States Public Health Service at the National Heart Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Everett joined the faculty at Ouachita Baptist College as Professor of Chemistry in 1961 where he served until his retirement in 2001. He served as Chair of the Chemistry Department from 1966-1980. Dr. Everett served Ouachita throughout his career in many capacities.

From 1995 through 1998 he served as Acting Dean for the School of Arts and Sciences. From 1980 to 1995 he served as Chairman of the Division of Natural Science. During this same period, he twice served as Self-Study Coordinator for Ouachita Baptist University’s Self-Study as part of the North Central Association’s Commission on Institutions of Higher Education. Additionally, Dr. Everett served as Ouachita’s Title III Director from 1995-1999. He also served as Manager of the PDP-11 computer system from 1977-1983 and was instrumental in establishing the campus computer network system.

Dr. Everett was also appointed as a Welch Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Texas at Dallas in 1986 while at the same time serving as a Visiting Lecturer in Chemistry at the University of Dallas. The following year he served as Visiting Professor at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Additionally, he served as Scientist Director of the Inactive Reserves of the United States Public Health Service from 1982-1999. W. W. Everett was also involved in serving the local scientific community. He served for thirty-one years as the Director of the South Central Arkansas Region IV Science Fair from 1964-1995 and as Regional Director of the South Central Arkansas Junior Academy of Science from 1968-1995.

Dr. Everett married the former Nell Kuhn. They have two sons, Greg and Keith.

Joe Nix

Professor Emeritus, Chemistry

Joe Nix received a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Arkansas in 1966 after graduating from Ouachita Baptist College in 1961.

Immediately following graduation, he joined the faculty of Ouachita Baptist University where he served until his retirement in 1994. In 1987 he was appointed to the W. D. and Alice Burch Chair of Chemistry and Pre-Medical Sciences.

While at Ouachita, Dr. Nix taught courses in general chemistry, advanced inorganic chemistry, and radiochemistry. He organized a research group to study the chemistry of natural water systems. With funding from agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Corps of Engineers Waterway Experiment Station, National Park Service and the Water Resources Research Center (Department of the Interior), this group conducted detailed studies of many of the major lakes and rivers throughout Arkansas. During his twenty-eight year tenure, Dr. Nix attracted $6,000,000 in research funding.

Dr. Nix served on numerous state committees and commissions including the State Committee on Stream Preservation, Arkansas Science and Technology Authority, Arkansas Mercury Task Force, and the Eagle Mortality Task Force. He has been recognized both by conservation groups such as the Ozark Society and by industrial environmental groups such as the Arkansas Environmental Federation.

In 1980, Dr. Nix received a Fellow of the Museum Award from the Arkansas Museum of Science and History. He was inducted into the Game and Fish Commission Arkansas Outdoor Hall of Fame in 1999.

Following his retirement from Ouachita, Dr. Nix joined the staff of the Ross Foundation where he served as Director of Programs from 1995 through 2004.

He married the former Laura McHaney and have one daughter, Erin.

E.A. Provine

Professor Emeritus, Chemistry

Eugene Almarine Provine earned his B.S. from Mississippi College in 1923, his M.S. from Louisiana State University in 1925, and his Ph.D. from Ohio State University in 1936.

Joining the Ouachita faculty in 1929 as Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Provine found the college to be struggling in the formation of the “400 Club”, an attempt to boost enrollment to 400 students. During his 38 years at Ouachita, he was to see the student body increase to over 1,500 students. “Under his direction, the department sent more chemistry students to graduate school than any other individual in Arkansas,” according to Dr. Wayne Everett, a colleague in the Chemistry Department.

Dr. Provine retired as Department Chair in 1966, but continued to carry sizeable academic loads as a Distinguished Professor. Honors and awards, while important, meant less to Dr. Provine than the lasting friendships, the feeling of being at home at Ouachita, and the simple scholarly pleasure found in the pursuit of knowledge.

When the science building was renovated and remodeled in 1974, its name changed from the Hamilton Moses Science Building to the Moses-Provine Science Center in his honor.

E.A. Provine married the former Lucille McDaniel and have one daughter, Priscilla Provine Trussell. Dr. Provine died August 8, 1985.

Home Economics

Frances Elledge

Professor Emerita, Home Economics

Frances McMillan, the second of four children, was born to David and Leila Allen McMillan.

Mrs. Elledge received a B.A. from Ouachita College in 1935. She earned a B.S. from Texas State College for Women in 1938.

Mrs. Elledge joined the Ouachita faculty in 1956 as Instructor of Home Economics. In 1959, she received a M.S. from Oklahoma State University.

Mrs. Elledge retired from Ouachita in 1973 as Assistant Professor of Home Economics.

Frances McMillan was married to Otho Lee Elledge, a forester and farmer. The Elledges have four children, all graduates of Ouachita, Leila Ann (1962), Nancy (1964), Otho Lee, Jr. (1970), and Thomas Edward (1973).

Mrs. Elledge died on May 29, 1990.

Mary Jones

Professor Emerita, Home Economics

Mary Williams Jones received her B.A. from Louisiana Tech in 1933. She completed a B.A. & M.S. in 1951 from Texas State College for Women.

In 1951, Mrs. Jones joined the Ouachita Baptist College faculty as Instructor in Home Economics.

Mrs. Jones did additional graduate study at Louisiana Tech University during the summers of 1952, 1953, and 1954. She retired from Ouachita Baptist University in 1969.

Mary Williams married Tom Jones. They have two children, Tommie Joe Brown, and Judy Williams. Judy was a 1961 Ouachita graduate.

Mrs. Jones died February 6, 1992.

Joyce Morehead

Professor Emerita, Family & Consumer Sciences

Joyce Morehead received her B.S.E. from Henderson State University in 1960 and her M.E.D. from Arizona State University in 1969. She completed additional graduate studies also at Arizona State.

Mrs. Morehead joined the Ouachita Baptist University faculty in 1974 as Acting Chair in Home Economics. The following year she was named Chair of the Family & Consumer Sciences Department, a position she held until her retirement in May 1999.

She completed her C.F.C.S. in 1988.

Joyce married Glynn Morehead. They have two daughters, Elizabeth Ann Marino and Angela Shields. Angela was a 1985 OBU graduate. Elizabeth Ann attended OBU for one year and then transferred to Baylor where she graduated in 1991.

Hazel Thomas

Professor Emerita, Home Economics

Hazel Marie Williams, the youngest of six children, was born to Louis D. and Effie Lula Williams.

She received a B.S. from Arkansas State Teachers College in 1930. Mrs. Thomas joined the Ouachita faculty in 1948 as Instructor of Home Economics. She received a M.S. from Oklahoma A&M University in Foods and Nutrition in 1950. Mrs.

Thomas was promoted to Chair of the Home Economics Department where she served until her retirement in 1974.

Mrs. Thomas, a firm believer in furthering education, completed additional training at the University of Arkansas, the University of Maryland, Florida State University, and the Sorbonne in Paris, France.

Hazel Williams was married to Alton Hays Thomas, her college sweetheart. The Thomases had two children, both Ouachita graduates, Alan Hays Thomas, and Ruth Ann Thomas Wade Hill, in 1958 and 1960 respectively. Mrs. Hazel Thomas died July 9, 2002.


Bill Allen

Professor Emeritus, Mathematics

Bill Allen earned a B.S.E. from Henderson State Teachers College in 1957, and a M.A. from the University of Arkansas in 1965.

He joined the Ouachita faculty in 1966, where he taught in the Department of Mathematics, later the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

From 1973, he served as Data Processing Coordinator concurrently with his teaching assignments. In 1992, he was named Coordinator of Computer Services, then Director of Computer Services, a position he held until his retirement in 1998.

Kathryn Jones Clark

Professor Emeritus, Mathematics

Kathryn Jones earned a B.A. from Ouachita College in 1939 and a M.S. from George Peabody College in 1951.

Miss Jones joined the Ouachita faculty in 1952.

She continued her education by studying summers at the University of Colorado, Oklahoma A&M, George Peabody College, and the University of Kansas.

She retired from Ouachita in May 1982. Kathryn Jones married Joseph Clark in 1987.

Mrs. Clark died August 23, 2001.

Alton Crawley

Professor Emeritus, Mathematics

Alton Crawley earned his B.S. from Louisiana Tech University in 1964, his M.S. from Texas A&M University in 1967, and his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University in 1970.

Dr. Crawley joined the Ouachita Baptist University faculty in 1983 and served as the Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science until his death on June 18, 1996.

He and Joanne have a daughter, Dayna, and a son, Donald, both Ouachita graduates, 1994 and 1995, respectively.

Caroline Cagle Luck

Professor Emeritus, Mathematics

Dr. Caroline Cagle Luck was born in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, the daughter of Russell and Martha Woodell.

A fourth generation Ouachitonian, she graduated summa cum laude with B.A. and B.M. degrees in 1961. She received a M.A. in Linguistics from the University of Illinois in 1963, and a Ph.D. in Science and Technology Studies from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 2003.

After pursuing a professional career in the computer industry in the Washington, D.C., area, she joined the Ouachita faculty in 1986.

She served as the Academic Computer Center Manager and was responsible for installing the initial Internet access capability on the campus.

During the spring semesters of 1997 and 1998, she was an exchange professor from Ouachita to Peking University in Beijing, China.

Dr. Luck retired in 2004. She has two children, Cary Morrison and Clarke Cagle.

Anne Selph

Donald Seward

Professor Emeritus, Mathematics

Donald Seward earned a B.A. from Stetson University in 1930, a M.A. from the University of North Carolina in 1932, and a Ph.D. from Duke University in 1941.

After joining the Ouachita faculty in 1942, Dr. Seward served in the Department of Mathematics until his retirement in 1978. He also served as interim President of the University from 1969 until early 1970.

He married the former Dorothy Melcher. They have four daughters: Jean Cahill, Ann Barber, Patricia Mace, and Helen Davis. After the death of Mrs. Seward, Dr. Seward married Anna Mason. Dr. Seward died November 29, 1995.


Clark McCarty

Professor Emeritus, Physics

Clark William McCarty earned a B.A. from the University of Kansas City in 1937, a M.S. from the University of Nebraska in 1939, a B.S.E. from Central Missouri State Teachers College in 1940, a M.A. from the University of Missouri in 1947, and a Ph.D. from the University of Missouri in 1953.

He also did post graduate work in weather forecasting at the United States Naval Academy in 1944. In addition, Dr. McCarty completed summer studies at Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies in 1959 and Manhattan College in 1964.

He was commissioned Ensign in the Navy at Midshipman School at Notre Dame. He retired from the Navy as Lieutenant Commander.

Dr. McCarty served as a weather forecaster in the Pacific in World War II and the Korean War. While in the Pacific, he was stationed in the Philippines and the Admiralty Islands.

Dr. McCarty joined the Ouachita faculty in 1950 as Associate Professor of Chemistry and Math. He was called back into the navy in the fall of 1951, and was on leave in 1952-53 to serve in the Korean War.

Dr. McCarty retired from Ouachita in 1979-80 as Professor of Physics.

He served as a deacon in the First Baptist Church and really loved his work in the Baptist Brotherhood there. He was a member and past president of the Kiwanis Club.

Clark McCarty married the former Myrene Elizabeth Vogt and together they have three sons, James, Joseph, and John, and two daughters, Rosalie Daniel, and Sarah Abernathy.

Dr. McCarty died September 3, 2002.

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