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General guidelines for Pharmacy, Physical Therapy and other Health Related Fields

What about the other Health Professions?

For most, including Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physician’s Assistant, much of the information for medical and dental applies.  The primary difference will be the list of pre-matriculation requirements for the specific programs.  They may have a very different list of classes they require for application and they may have their own professional exam.  For example, Pharmacy has its own exam (PCAT) and they want you to complete an Accounting course(s).  Much like medical and dental programs they do not require a specific major but the course list will be heavy with science courses.  They may or may not require interviews, they usually like to see shadowing experience and they want to see service and volunteer work.  They also want to see leadership not just membership in different organizations.

During your sophomore year you should sign up for the Health Professions Seminar.  In this seminar you will hear from the recruiters of all the different health professions that come to our campus to recruit YOU!  This is your chance to get specific questions answered, double check requirements, ask about application deadlines, etc.   Many of our students change their minds during this semester because they find out about a different health field that they were not aware of and realize it might better fit their personal goals.  The Seminar also shows up on your transcript!

During your junior year, in addition to scheduling the professional exam, you should check the websites of the professional schools you plan to apply to and double check their pre-matriculation requirements to see if you‘ve missed anything or if they have changed their requirements.  You should also speak with our Health Professions Committee Chair and set an appointment for your mock interview.  Here at OBU our Health Professions Committee holds practice interviews for anyone that requests it.  The committee consists of those faculty that will prepare written recommendations of you prior to the Chair of the Committee preparing the final Letter of Recommendation.  The practice interviews are designed to help you practice and provide some idea of the kind of questions you might expect.   The program you are applying to may not require interviews in which case you do not need a practice interview with the committee.   However the faculty of the Health Professions Committee are still available to write recommendation letters on your behalf.

By the end of the junior year you should have taken or at least scheduled your professional exam and it is now time to get acquainted with the application service websites.  Many of these programs do not have a professional exam or they may require the GRE.  It is your responsibility to double check the pre-matriculation requirements for the programs you are interested in applying to but you should maintain good communication with your academic advisor and the Health Professions Committee Chair.

Ouachita Baptist University currently has a Guaranteed Interview Agreement (GIA) with Union University School of Pharmacy (UUSOP). Students that complete the prerequisite coursework for admission to UUSOP shall be exempt from initial screening and will be granted an admissions interview for the next entering class.  Further details concerning the agreement may be obtained from the Health Professions Advisor.

Nursing and Dental Hygiene…….

There are several major differences between these paths and those described above.  First, a student may apply to these programs after only two years at Ouachita if ; 1) the appropriate courses have been completed and 2) the students has a competitive GPA in those courses.   Like the other professional programs it is your responsibility to keep track of the pre-matriculation requirements for the programs you are interested in attending.   Check their websites regularly.  Those students that do not have a competitive GPA in the required courses may stay at Ouachita and complete their undergraduate degree prior to applying.  This makes them a stronger candidate and many of our students choose to complete the undergraduate degree even if they have the grades to apply as sophomores.

A second major difference is the pre-matriculation courses they require.   Often these programs require a different chemistry course than the ones required for a major or minor in chemistry.  Watch this closely because they are sticklers about their requirements!

Ouachita currently maintains and affiliation agreement with Baptist Health (Little Rock) School of Nursing.  Students that have graduated or completed at least 5 of the 8 general education and science courses will be given priority consideration in the BHSLR-SN application.  Further details may be obtained from the Health Professions Advisor.

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