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The University of Arkansas School of Architecture permits the first year of the Architecture program to be taken at Ouachita with the following suggested curricula:

The Curriculum for Pre-Architecture


First Semester   Second Semester  
Core 1043 Composition I  3 CORE 1053 Composition II 3
PSYC 1013 General Psychology 3 MATH 2014 Calculus I 4
SOCI 1003 General Sociology 3 Psychology or Sociology 3
CORE 2113 American Civilization OR   Fine Art 3
CORE 2213 Western Civilization 3 CORE 2123 American Letters OR  
MATH 1034 Pre-Calculus 4 CORE 2123 Western Letters 3
TOTAL 16 Hours TOTAL 16 Hours


Please note that pre-Architecture students must take Summer Design Studio at UA-Fayetteville before beginning the Architecture program in the fall.  Physics 1 and 2 should also be taken in the summer.

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