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Department of Education: Our Mission

Mission Statement


To provide the curriculum and the environment that will prepare future teachers who:

  • Are student-centered and see teaching as ministry;
  • Possess the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for effectively educating all students;
  • Are life-long learners involved in their disciplines and professional development.

At OBU this happens in the context of a Christ-centered community.

Student Learning Objectives

  • Creates –The teacher creates and uses curriculum appropriate to all students planning content, and assessments that align with clear course objectives.
  • Cares – The teacher exhibits caring human relation skills that support the development of human potential.
  • Communicates – The teacher communicates expectations to students, families and colleagues.
  • Collaborates – The teacher engages collaboratively with school colleagues, parents/guardians, and the community to support the learning and well-being of all students.

Next Steps