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Title II  Section 207 of the Higher Education Act requires that all states and institutions with teacher education programs that enroll students receiving federal financial assistance must complete a Title II report annually.

At Ouachita Baptist University, testing required for licensure in the state of Arkansas is integrated with our teacher education program.  Program completers must meet Arkansas minimum scores on all required tests.  Candidates complete Praxis Core or file appropriate ACT scores for admission to Teacher Education. For admission to the Professional Semester with student teaching, candidates must  successfully complete Praxis II content tests.  For graduation candidates must also pass the PLT test.  While candidates may take the required tests more than once, the 36 candidates who completed student teaching in 2018-2019 had a 100% pass rate for all tests, a cumulative GPA average of 3.634 and a professional education requirement GPA average of 3.791.  Upon graduation, 94% of the teacher education completers received employment in the educational field or attended graduate school: 89% employment and 6% graduate school.

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