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Teacher Education Council

The OBU Teacher Education Council is a representative group of faculty from departments which prepare candidates to be professional educators who are licensed to teach. The committee members are invited by the Dean of Education in collaboration with other deans.

The Teacher Education Council comprises representatives from all licensure areas. This body approves applicants for admission to teacher education, admission to the Professional Semester (Internship), assists with Portfolio Interviews and is an integral part of decision-making for the Teacher Education Program.


The OBU Teacher Education Council 2016-2017

Ms. Summer Bruch, Art
Dr. Scott Holsclaw, Drama/Speech
Dr. Rachel Pool, Middle School/Secondary

Mrs. Sue Shults, Director of Student Teaching
Dr. Doug Sonheim, English
Dr. Jeff Sykes, Math
Dr. Becky Morrison, Music Education
Dr. Terry DeWitt, Physical Education
Dr. Kevin Cornelius, Science
Dr. Kevin Motl, History/Social Studies

Dr. Jeff Root, Dean Michael D. Huckabee School of Education
Dr. Kathy Collins, Elementary Education
, Director of Teacher Education

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