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Praxis Information

The Praxis series of tests are standardized tests that are required for licensure in Arkansas.

These examinations are imbedded in the requirements for passing through four gates for acceptance and progress through the Teacher Education Program at Ouachita Baptist University.


Gate I

Admission to Teacher Education requires passing scores on the Praxis Core Reading, Writing, and Math tests or appropriate ACT scores. 

Praxis Core tests can be taken once every calendar month. Reading and Math scores are availiable immediately upon completion of the tests. The Writing portion will be scored within two to four weeks.


Gate II and III

Praxis II, which is a test of content knowledge, and Principles of Teaching and Learning (PLT) are required. Praxis II content test passing scores are required for admission to the Professional Semester of Student Teaching Internship. These tests are not offered as frequently as the Praxis Core tests. Be sure to check on your specific content area availability.


Gate IV

The PLT (Principles of Teaching and Learning) passing score is required for graduation.

Please see the Teacher Education Handbook for additional requirements for each gate.

Candidates can register to take the tests at the Henderson University Testing Center. The phone number is 870-230-5470.

For a list of the Praxis II content tests go to www.ets.org for more information.

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