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Remember the name: Inspiration for what to name your Tiger Traks team

April 05, 2019

Get ready! “Arkansas’ most exciting college weekend” is almost here! Nope, not Battle of the Ravine or Homecoming. It’s Tiger Traks!


Need a break? 8 spontaneous things you should do this spring

March 20, 2019

During the spring semester I always get a restless feeling. It never fails: the days are longer, and I am ready for summer because it feels like my days are filled with classes, work and the occasionally stressful extracurricular activity. I often find it very difficult to just relax.


6 tips as you search for private scholarships

March 05, 2019

You may have applied to college, made a visit to campus and thought about what you want to study, but now reality is setting in – you need to figure out how to pay for college. At Ouachita, once you are accepted and have submitted your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you will receive a financial aid award letter that shows your scholarships, grants and available loans that will help you cover the costs of college.


From culture to culture: Study abroad has taught me what we have in common

February 27, 2019

Ouachita, which many of us affectionately call “the bubble,” is its own world and culture, of sorts. Many of us come from different backgrounds, states and even countries, but we can relate because we are studying for the same CORE classes, practicing for Tiger Tunes and standing out in the cold to cheer for the tigers during Battle of the Ravine.


Programmed to serve

February 19, 2019

Computer science is studying how computers work, and how to tell a computer what to do. Dr. Matocha, professor of computer science at Ouachita, talked to me about majoring in computer science toward the end of my freshman year. After two or three meetings, I was sold and switched to computer science and haven’t looked back since.


Rebound: From car wreck to college basketball

February 11, 2019

As Christians, the common goal of our faith is to exalt the name of God and do great things for His glory. That’s what we all want and strive for as we grow and walk in faith, and this was my goal in 2014 when I was 17 years old. One morning, as I was spending time with God before I left for school, I felt that He revealed to me that He was about to do something really special with my life.


Finding a college home if you're undecided about your major

January 22, 2019

Road trip! My best friend and I decided to start our college search journey with a road trip to three different universities. Three days to visit three schools and, potentially, to find our future home for the next four years. Ouachita was the second school we visited on our trip.


A prayer for place: Dedicating Berry-Peeples Bible Building

January 16, 2019

Dr. John McCallum, pastor of First Baptist Church of Hot Springs and chair of Ouachita’s Board of Trustees, offered this prayer at the dedication service for the newly renovated Berry-Peeples Bible Building on Sept. 27, 2018.


Not rushing? Not in a social club? How you can still enjoy Rush & Induction Weeks.

January 14, 2019

Right after the “most wonderful time of the year” comes what can sometimes feel like the loneliest time of the year. For “indies,” those of us who are not involved in a social club at Ouachita, Rush Week and Induction Week can totally change your normal social interactions because your club friends are so busy. But don’t worry!


Guys at Ouachita: "I'm just rushing for the food"

January 10, 2019

Rush Week is coming up at Ouachita. Welcome to the great gender divide! Often, the women on campus are busy planning outfits and garnering recommendation letters while the men are much more relaxed and just excited to try a free smoothie.


I'm only 18. How do I pay for college? #askingforafriend

April 03, 2019

We know you have questions, some that you might be afraid to ask, about how to pay for college in order to attend Ouachita. So, we’ve put together some common questions and answers to give it to you straight. No need to ask questions for your friends – we’ve got you!


I've never lived in a dorm before. HELP. #askingforafriend

March 06, 2019

We know you have questions, some that you might be afraid to ask, about campus housing at Ouachita. So, we’ve put together some common questions and answers to give it to you straight. No need to ask questions for your friends – we’ve got you!


Freshman dorm perks: It's not where you live, but who you live with

February 27, 2019

If you’re like me, the idea of living in a building with lots of tiny rooms that are full of random young women (we’re not girls anymore) who’ve just been released into adulthood isn’t very appealing. Yet, here I am, a junior, thinking back to all the fond memories I made living in Frances Crawford West my freshman year at Ouachita.


What is the Enneagram anyway?

February 22, 2019

Ennea…what? If you have been around Ouachita lately, you might have overheard some unfamiliar vocabulary or maybe even phrases like, “What number are you?” or “So, you’re a 9, wing 1? Well that explains a lot!” or “I’m having trouble figuring out if I’m a 2 or a 4.” Enneagram is a strange word for a helpful tool.


Finding opportunity in unfamiliar places: A first-generation student's journey

February 14, 2019

I considered myself to be an “average student” in high school. I wasn’t enrolled in gifted and talented courses, and college wasn’t highly spoken of within my immediate family. My mother received her GED and attended cosmetology school. As my brothers and I got older, she would tell us that she knew college wasn’t for everyone, but that she hoped we would go because she wanted us to have the experience that she missed out on for many years.


Celebrate Black History Month: 28 books for 28 days

February 01, 2019

Celebrate Black History Month by exploring one or more of these 28 classic and award-winning must-reads that honor the lives of black Americans, authors, artists, political figures and characters that have changed our world.


Uniquely prepared: Appreciating my multifaceted Ouachita education

January 22, 2019

My precious Ouachita — I wish I could put into words how special my four years at Ouachita truly were. It was an exciting time of learning and growing my relationship with the Lord. As I have exited “the bubble” and entered graduate school, I cannot help but be so thankful for all the ways that Ouachita prepared me.


Do you want grass or mud?

January 15, 2019

“Do you want grass or mud?” It was a simple question with an obvious answer. And we knew what we were being asked when Dr. Ben Elrod, president of Ouachita during my time as a student, said, “Do you want grass or mud?” I was sitting in Jones Performing Arts Center.


Women's Rush outfit guide: Ideas to help you show your style

January 11, 2019

Rush is my favorite week of the year! Girls, although Rush Week is super fun and exciting, it can also be kind of stressful – from choosing outfits to wanting to ask the right questions to making the right decision on “pref” night.


20 questions to consider during Rush Week

January 10, 2019

It’s almost here—Rush Week! I feel like all I could think about my first semester freshman year was whether or not I should join a club. I did know that I wanted to find out as much as I could about the clubs before I made my decision. That is exactly what Rush parties are for!


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